Friday, December 28, 2007

Homespun and Hot Waffles

Well I got my fiber order in from Dragon Fibers I got 4 oz of Merino/Bamboo roving in Solar Flames and Merino/Tussah Silk (4oz) in Purple Storm. I spun up the Merino Bamboo before I took a pic of the roving, but beleive me it was beautiful. My pictures sure don't do it justice. I decided to knit up a pair of mitts with the homespun as I didn't want to waste it, but it really isn't the best yarn. But its a start I guess. It may have been the bamboo but it plied up into a quite sturdy yarn. Probably will be hard wearing as well. I don't know if I can throw them in the machine to clean them or not. I double bamboo will shrink but maybe the merino will. the pattern is a modification of the pattern from Knit Spot and its called Hot Waffle Mitts. The pattern is actually for fingerless mitts, but I opted for addding a couple of repeats and making mittens.
I made a pair of these for Jackie earlier in the week and loved the pattern. It may become a staple mitten pattern, although the patterned colorways doesn't do the pattern justice and I have some Cascade 220 on the way in solid colors and I am sure they will be beautiful.

I also added to the yarn stash.

sKNITches in Barn colorway...this is really pretty. I thought it would be really red, but it is quite pink. But I like it...alot.

2 Skeins of Osmosis by Red Corset Designs...I got mine on line from Pick Up Sticks. One in tangelo and one in Wheatgrass. (The wheatgrass is actually brighter then this photo. The tangelo is pretty close to the real color

1 Skein of Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in Black Walnut. Again bad photo. The color is gorgeous. Black, browns and rusts. Unfortunally when I bought this from the Loopy Ewe I didn't realize that they were sold in 175 yd skeins and I only got one. I see a hat or mitts or socks for Bronson. (Only the best for the boy!)

1 Skein of Handmaiden's Casbah sock yarn in Pumpkin. This was actually a gift exchange gift and it is decadent. I don't think I can make socks from it. Maybe something from Victorian Lace Today.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Finished Object

I just finished these. I put them on Ravelry so thought while I had the pictue out I might as well add them to my blog as well. They are the Hot Waffle Mitts by Anne Hanson. True they would have been better in a solid coloured yarn so you could actually se the pattern but I had the Schaeffer Lola in the correct weight so this is what it is. They are lined with Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit Angora - Gorgeous!

I got 2 - count them - two - Elizabeth Zimmerman DVD's for my birthday from my mother - God love her! I've wanted them for a while however since I already "knew" how to knit I couldn't justify buying them, but they were on my wish list and Mom grabbed them. How have I gone so long without them. I love the glossary and although I have been knitting for 30 plus years I have already learned some new techniques and garnered some new ideas.

I haven't been spinning much strictly due to Christmas knitting and work. But planning on taking some time off. I was going to be off from Christmas Eve until Jan 7, 2007 but have to go in to the office on the 27th, but then I'll be off! And I'm going to spin! Although I haven't been spinning it hasn't stopped me from buying lots of yummy fibers which I hope will arrive prior to my days off and John going back to work!
In the interim I will continue to work on Gwen and hopefully get that finished up for mom.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Joy oh Joy

No matter what say below. Bronson is the true JOY in my life! And who can blame me? Look at those baby blues!

Firstly I want to post a pic of my Christmas gift to myself. It was evident I was never going to knit thru my stash and therefore John was never going to buy me a new wheel. I have been "trying" them out and the minute I sat behind this wheel at Birkeland Bros I knew it was going to be mine. Sure I've tried other wheels and the Ashford Traveller came awful close...but the Joy it was. John had no trouble encouraging me either considering he wasn't paying for it!

I've been busy doing the proverbial Christmas knitting. 4 pairs of Fleece Artist "Soft Mittens" They are made with one strand of DK BFL and 1 Strand of Fleece Artist Mo. Very, very nice. Quick and easy too! Here is one pair. This is in the colorway Earth - this photo doesn't do it justice. You can't beat the Fleece Artist's Colorways.

These are Malibrigo worsted weight mittens. I bought the Malibrigo as I have heard so much about it and had never worked with it. I don't usually use worsted weight. But it is nice and soft and knits up quickly using a pattern from Anne Budd's Book of Knitting Patterns.

Some regular- and inexpensive, when compared to the others- worsted in Turquoise and Cream. Knit from Anna Zilboorg Magnificent Mittens. I like knitting mittens with pattern. I just didn't have time to do them all in pattern. Still even though they are probably the cheapest they're my favorite. (John hates the color but I like it!)

These are Fleece Artist Woolie Silk in Hercules Colorway.

Fleece artist again. Cashlana and Peter Rabbit in Rose. These are gorgeous in real life. Soft and fuzzy. Very pretty. These are my next favorite next to the color work pair2 pairs of socks, the Ice Queen (from this months Knitty) for the girls from work. We did the Christmas exchange on the 13th so I didn't get the pics done, considering I just finished blocked the Ice Queen on the AM of the 13th. Darn though, she was a beauty. Easy too. IT was obviously meant to be as for whatever reason when I ordered the yarn from Loopy Ewe for my Modern Quilt Wrap for whatever reason I ordered 2 balls of Kid Silk Haze in Heavenly. Huh! Grace was looking down on me!

I've spun up some stuff I've had around that I had initially bought for the spindle, including Merino from Spunky Eclectic, and some stuff from Lisa Souza (both gorgeous roving's or really tops) I was told when I was spindling that I should use the best stuff I could afford even for practice and you know I think that is good advise. SO I still have about 4 bumps left in my fiber holder and I just ordered MORE from a couple of sellers on Etsy. CJ Kopec Creations and Dragonfire. I love etsy. Just can't keep away. I found both of these sellers thru one of the spinning groups on Ravelry. (Also love Ravelry)
I was so disappointed as I spun up POPSICLE colorway and it was so pretty. But - here you go newbie mistake, when I plied it I plied in the same direction that I had spun the roving! Shucks. I tried to reply it in the opposite direction, however I lost my love for it and I know I'll never knit it. I can barely stand to look at it. (It isn't balanced and even though I wet set it to set the twist it still has a slight wave in it!)

Anyway all I want to do is spin, spin, spin, however life keeps getting in the way! I bought the wheel then I had to do all those mitts etc for work so squeezed some spinning in between life and knitting, now when I have finished all the Christmas knitting my mother asks me about Gwen.! So now I'm knitting Gwen and not spinning! ARGH! If you are going to knit something for your mother it is best you don't tell her or else she'll hold you accountable.

Mom has wanted a red cabled sweater for ions. I started doing one for her last year, thinking I was going to give it to her for her birthday in Nov 2006. Of course Nov 2007 has passed and she still doesn't have it. I realized that may be a lost cause, but discovered Gwen and thought I could do it in the Louet Gems sport weight in red and it is a shell and therefore quick and easy (no sleeves you know). I last knit on it on Nov 4, 2007! However I was crazy enough to tell my mother I was making it and even sent her a picture. Now she wants it and is holding my nose to the grindstone.
I picked it up last knit and unfortunatly I wasn't as far as I thought I was. Only about 4 inches done and have to do 13 before I can start some armhole shaping! Eeek! Oh well. I'll knit only it for a bit and hopefully will get it done fairly quickly so I can spin. My youngest son has gone to Cranbrook for the Christmas Holidays and Rebecca, Bronson and Pierce won't be here until the 26th or so. I took vacation from Dec 27 to Jan 7 and really planned on having some "me" time as John goes back to work on the 26th too. So hopefully I won't have the red cables holding me back from spinning. (oh I wish I had bought her slippers from LLBean like I did for my Dad and his wife!)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Should I or Shouldn't I

I'm debating whether or not I want to join the Secret of the Stole. Well thats not correct I joined ages ago. When I was just finished the Mystery Stole 3. I have yarn in my stash, I don't have any beads I can use and when I went to Williams lake I was told the bead store was closed and would remain closed for 2 weeks as the owner is on vacation....gotta love small towns. I traisped around town including the dollarama but couldn't find beads to match the jaggerspun I have upstairs. However I did receive some lovely Rowan Pure Wool Dk in the mail, enough to make a lovely cabled aran for Bronson, and when i went into work last week there was a present on my desk. Massive amounts of worsed Weight wool! I was given over 800 yds of the stuff. Its cream color with flecks of browns and golds. Beautiful. One of my co-workers went to Wales and brought it back for me. I've been searching ravelry to see what I can do with it, and probably will settle on a cabled vest or T-Shirt. 800 yds just isn't enough to do sleeves! But I feel I must knit it up and wear it to work soon. Therefore the SOTS goes by the wayside. Of course it is only clue one and I could probably whip it up in a few hours.

Its Thanksgiving weekend in Canada John has to work, Richard has a couple of friends over, I did all my house cleaning yesterday so I should be free to sit and knit all three days...well with the exception of putting in the turkey and peeling some potatoes! and of course the English Essay for my course can wait ( I did apply for an extension after all so I must have lots of time) (Oh yes and walking the dogs). So I really don't have any excuses...well except I have to go upstairs to get the Jaggerspun out of the stash. I really don't know if I want to go upstairs as I will get a glimspe of Richards room and probably have a breakdown! Maybe i'll wait until he gets up and get him to bring down the rubbermaid container that "contains" my laceweight!

I really wanted to do pics this go around, but can't seem to put my hands on my camera today. I'm hoping that we left it in the truck from the trip to Kelowna last weekend. I must have it for next weekend as we are headed to Vancouver for Bronson's 1st birthday! I haven't seen him in ages and can hardly weight. I would have went this weekend, however the weather was conspiring against me and since I haven't driver the new car yet I was nervous. Next weekend John can go with me. (He can drive the new car and I can works!)

So yeah we did pick up a new car (well new to us) to replace the one dear son #2 crashed for us in August! It's exactly the same color etc, however this one is a diesel and has leather interior and it has a manual transmission. Its shifts quite differently from the truck but it will just take me a couple of trips around the parking lot to get the feel. I drove with John the other day and he keep telling me "no! no! Put it in neutal! No now you are in 5th! You can't go up the hill in 3rd! So I felt it would be better for me to go out on my own!

Argh! I also started toe up on circ's. I cast both on and knitted away. I followed directions from cat Bordhi's book "new Pathways" however I find them WAY to big, even though my gauge was correct. Do people wear their socks that loose? Maybe I just wear mine quite snugly compared to. Anyway i ripped out the needles and cast

Well must run. Richard and I are going to watch a movie before the others get up.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weight Watchers

Well I've done it. Joined Weight Watchers. I'm sick of the "baby fat" I gained when I had my last child. Now that I have grandchildren I figure its time to lose it! Ha! I just started yesterday but am using this blog to track the loss and hopefully it will hold me accountable. Now if I can just figure out how to add another tracker thing like I have for Bronson.

As far as knitting goes I finished a little hat for Bronson to go with the Little Viking sweater I knit him. I didn't bother doing a chart just some garter stripes of colors. I think I'll move on to socks now.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekend Work

I didn't have a chance to post this weekend mainly because John was home and that means I must entertain him. We ended up going to town on Friday so I was only able to knit Friday evening and a bit while we were driving to town and back. Saturday the paddlefest was going on here in Likely so I knit a bit in the AM and then a bit in the evening, but did go down to the pub for the Paddlefest party and didn't get home until Midnight! Today though, John read some old Westerns, it was raining and I knit like a fiend. I was able to start and complete this little sweater for Bronson.

Pattern: Little Viking - from Top Down for Toddlers book. Pattern by Megan Lacey

Yarn: Elann Luxury Merino Superwash (4 balls navy, partial skeins of camel, cream and red)

Needles: Size 3.5 circulars for the sweater and 3 1/4 's for doing the sleeves in the round.
Size 2
Made for my grandson Bronson
The sweater is a simple knit all done in one piece, neck down, knit sleeves when you get to them then continue down. The only downside is doing the pattern back and forth. I'm not a fan of purling with 2 colors. But it was only for a short time so was able to manage it without pulling my hair out.
Just joined the KAL for the She-Knits bowling bag. Its an adorable pattern and will be fun to knit along with everyone else. I had to get busy and get the yarn ordered. Cal from . Hopefully he'll have the colors I want in stock and I won't have to wait to long. Its great doing business with shuttleworks, their customer service is great, plus they are Canadian.
Good news the insurance company is going to pay for the Volkswagen Yes they wrote it off. we were worried since Richard didn't have his drivers license when he took it out for a ride. (what was he thinking?)
Well must run, work tomorrow and I want to work on my Cat Bordhi socks before I have to go to bed.

Friday, September 07, 2007

A Bear for Jen

I just had to add this photo for Jen from Piddlee. I don't usually take my camera when I go out for a walk, but my Dad was up this weekend and so we both took our cameras. Luckily we came across this bear while on the walk. He was happily eating from an ant hill and I think we may have disturbed him a bit. Dad got the best shots, then I decided i should take one as well. By the time I decided he was starting to walk away. I'm sure dad got the best shots. I'll email and ask him to send one to me so i can post it as well.

The bears are starting to come into town, and yesterday a girl from work told me one was in her back yard. The salmon are late coming up this year yet the bears are on time and getting into mischief while they wait!

I'll also post this pic of my Tea Cozy. I got the pattern from One Skein Wonders and used left over Peace Fleece. Its a little big for my pot however I think a trip thru the washer might do the trick. I am addicted to one skein projects right now thanks to Stash and Burn.

Another Contest - I'm Hooked!

Ok, OK, I know what you are all thinking "She's entered another contest?" But I can explain. I listened to Jenny and Nicole's Stash and Burn podcast....comes highly recommended....and they were talking about one skeins. Now they said "don't buy the book"... which means, to me, immediately order one from Amazon. So I ordered both One Skein by Leigh Radford and One Skein Wonders by Judith Durant (and almost preordered the next one skein wonders but stopped short) It only took amazon a couple of days to ship them out and I cast on. I've made mittens, 2 hats, a tea cozy, clutch from the book so far and have no intentions on stopping yet. I've also done a forest canopy shawl, a pair of socks and . Plus I have the cabled head band and cabled footies embedded in my brain and it won't be long before they too are cast on. Its amazing how much more you can finish if you are doing the project in worsted weight. So anyway for the contest you just have to enter your one skein (not necessarily from the book) projects to their flickr site and let them know they are there. Enjoy. Now I must go knit.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

She-knits Podcast

I love podcasts. I always listen. It was nice when I first got my ipod and could download all the back episodes and listen to my hearts content. Now I've caught up with all of them and sometimes have to wait to listen to some. I am hoping with winter coming some will become more regular.

Also I am NOT a contest enter-er. I just don't. That being said I did have to enter the contest for She-Knits podcast. (Sharon also has a blog at She Knits and show notes where you can read all about the contest. I love this podcast. I love everything about the host. She has a very genuine,sincere style that really warms you up. There are no secrets on She-Knits you really understand what Sharon is going thru in her daily life and that makes it so real and easy to listen to. (That and she has some hangups just like me!) For the contest you just have to link the bag you love and that you HOPE she writes the pattern for. Me... I love the bowling bag. (NOTE: Since posting this I went back to Sharon's site and see that she has created a new site that Includes this pattern. However I don't like the one with the cables as much as some of the other bowling bag styles...Like the one with the flowers.)

I think I found Sharon's etsy site first. She makes beautiful bags. Lots of work! and they are fantastic. I especially love the bowling bag. And just in case you are a knitter and choose to make your own bag you can BUY sharon's patterns. She has also gone ahead and made up kits, in case, like me again, you can't get to a yarn store and you MUST-HAVE-THAT-BAG. Have a boo and add Sharon to your favorites. Plus listen to her podcast. Its so enjoyable.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Pathways

Well can I blame ravelry and the dial up internet connection for my lateness in posting? I have just joined the "New Pathways" group over on Ravelry and the blog so I can knit along. Who wouldn't want to knit these socks. I have soooo much sock yarn and this book motivates me. Of course I am trying to hold off until I get other stuff finished. I did quickly cast on the sky practice socks (above) and I will do the other pair of "practice" socks as well. However I really want to clear some things off my needles. I also ordered 2 sets of 2mm circulars from KnitPicks and am kind of waiting for those to arrive as well. In the meantime I haven't ordered any sock yarn but seem to be bitten by the worsted weight bug and want to knit hats for Bronson and mitts for myself.

I was able to score some new yarns, 2 skeins of worsted, one turquoise and one pink lemonaid from Shelridge Farm, and one skein of Handmaiden sea silk lace in dragonfly (How could I resist?) from the Sweet Sheep. And while I was buying I grabbed two skeins of hand painted worsted from See Jane Knit. I also got some adorable stitch markers from her as well. They are darling.

I cast on last night for the tri peak hat from Wooly Worm Head for Bronson with the dark green from See Jane Knit. I know it isn't cold enough yet for a worsted weight merino hat, but it will be. The other skein of worsted from Jane will be the I cord Beanie. (Again Wooly worm Head)

Since I've finished my Mystery Shawl, I've been working on Forest Canopy Shawl in the Sangria Mini Maiden, again gorgeous stuff as well as the Montego Bay scarf (Interweave knits) in Rose Handmaiden Sea Silk. And here are the twisted flower from Cookie A. Its in Regia Silk. Nice to work with. But I don't love the color. I also have some plain vanilla socks on the needles as well. But don't have a photo of them. Maybe if I ever get them done I'll post them. However they seem to be taking me forever!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mystery Stole 3 - Finished

Well I did it. On time too. The Mystery Stole is completed. I'm not the best at working the camera and had to get my 16 y/o son to model for me. he is a good sport about it though. It's too bad it isn't in black or white, but I had this Zephyr Indigo just sitting in my stash. I'm in lace mode now though and have Leda's Dream on my needles (Zephyr again in Lady Slipper colorway). And I just down loaded the Forest Canopy Shawl by Susan Lawrence. I have one skein of Mini Maiden just begging to be made into something.

The Mini Maiden by fleece Artist is so wonderful to work with! Of course any of the fleece Artist or Hand Maiden yarns are to die for! I was knitting a scarf from Victoria Lace Today but frogged it as I wasn't getting gauge. So I searched ravelry and came up with the Forest Canopy Shawl. It's tiny, but I think the mini maiden in Sangria will be gorgous. How could it not be gorgeous using the silk?
I have to put up a pic of my boys. Richard (on the left) now 16 and Pierce 19. Pierce will be heading back to university this fall, year 2 so I won't see him for a while. It was nice having him home for the summer though. I especially had to include this picture as John just about has a fit when Pierce wears the headband. I don't think it looks bad though and you can get away with such things in this day and age! Of course he probably won't wear it in Vancouver, but Likely is very forgiving. Oh by the way this is what happens to your Jetta when you let a 16 y/o drive it! (Well we didn't let him, but he did drive it! Obviously! All I can say is thank goodness he didn't kill himself or anyone else! kids! Argh!
Meanwhile I've been knitting socks like made as well. I've been on a buying spree with the knitting project bags and feel I have to put socks (or something) in everyone of them. I working on the Twisted Flower Sock Pattern from Cookie A. (Love her patterns) out of Regia Silk. It's pretty. I had to frog a hotwater bottle cover for the yarn. But felt the twisted flower needed to be in solid yarn so you could see the pattern better. I've also got a plain vanilla in a yarn from Sunshine Yarns it is beautiful in browns, blues (waterfall colorway) ! I knit on it at night in bed before I got to sleep or when I don't want (or can't) think. (waiting in line, driving in the car and DH thinks I should be talking to him. What a doll.
Well must run...literally! I'm on week three of my running program and all seems to be going well. Sun is actually out for a change so I won't get soaked this time. Oh. I also ordered the yarn for my Knitting Pure and Simple wrap cardigan, (Debbie Bliss Merino DK) yarn for Knitting Pure and Simple bulky cardigan for all 3 grandkids (Patons Shetland Chunky tweeds) and some Patons Classic wool for a cabled purse free from Ramwools.
I also ordered the new Cat Bordhi Booked called New Pathways for Sock Knitters. I couldn't but in Canada yet... go figure as cat Bordhi is Canadian after all so had to order out of the states. But ordered thru Colorsong Yarn and while I was there I picked up a skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk Lace in Rose for the Mantego Shawl from Interweave. When I joined the Canadian Shopping group on Etsy I felt guilty for buying from the states (even though they have great customer service and ship very, very quickly) so went over to The Sweet Sheep and bought a skein of Sea Silk Lace in Dragon Fly for a Clapotis. So a bit off of my yarn diet there. But still OK. I think. Hopefully all the new purchases, including 2 new project bags from Piddlee (argh! I can hardly go on that site without ordering something!) will all arrive after Tuesday this week when DH is back to work!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Its been forever. But life goes on and on and on (argh). I've been keeping up with my Mystery stole though, thank goodness. Its beginning to take shape. Only one clue left.
I've also done some work on Leda's Dream.

I'm plugging away at my stash of sock yarn, so I can get my wheel soon. I've finished the Loksins (easy pattern and knits up quickly)

I've frogged my Kauni. I think it will become 2 sweaters for my granddaughters instead of one for me since my 19 y/o son told me it was a "fashion disaster".

I've been enjoying ravelry and all its glory and listening to podcasts! I don't know what I'd do without the knitting podcasts. I love 'em.
Speaking about loving something.. since I'm on the "yarn diet". I love the project bags you can buy from etsy. I have all kinds..I can't stop buying. However I must recommend Piddlee. These bags are fantastic. I love the box shape, keeps everything neat and orderly. Have elastic inside to hold your needles and comes with a matching notions bag. Heavy interfacing keeps the bags sturdy. You can also get a grommet inserted so you can feed your yarn thru the grommet and don't have to have the bag open to knit. I haven't used it yet though as I was already started my Mystery Shawl when the bag came. I have ordered two (2!) more though and will definately use the grommet next time. If you are in the market check out Piddlee. Plus the sisters are fun to deal with and include little "extras" with each order! Nice stitch markers (from other Etsy sellers), gift tags, note cards, pins....It's a fantastic package to receive! Go there now! (Piddlee)
Also got the pattern for these cute Mary janes! They may not look like much on my feet, but let me tell you once you put these on you won't want to take them off. Wonderful. Plus small enough you can throw them in you purse and have with you when you need to take your shoes off. I recommend them. They knit up really, really quickly and you can easily memorize the pattern.

So what will I work on today? I have had the urge to resurrect mom's red cables. Maybe its because the heat has backed off a bit and it also seems like a fall day (early in the AM anyway. It was only 3 yesterday at 4:00 AM) and I haven't worked on it in a while. I'm just about up to the armhole shaping. It would take no time to finish it....if I just worked on it.

I've been busy spinning as well. Dear Hubby won't let me just spin though, always wants me to create something from the spinning fibers. So I made a mitt and I probably have enough spun up to make the other. Just have to get busy. The last two balls I made I just knit into "swatches". My spinning is coming along. I hope all this spindle spinning will help me when I get the wheel! Considering I've never had a wheel or sat behind one!

I've been having Way to much fun over on Ravelry and my blog has suffered a bit for it. But oh well. I am still on dial up (I don't know if we'll ever see high speed) and if I'm posting pics its for ravelry and once they are up I don't have time (or patience) to post to the blog as well. And when you work full time, look after husband, kids and pet, (plus squeeze in some excercise for me) I have to have time to knit or I'd go bonkers. Therefore the blog usually loses out somewhat!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mystery Stole 3

Ok so I've been working on socks and haven't worked on lace in a while. So yesterday I dragged out the old "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" but couldn't remember where I was. I kind of guessed but ended up frogging the whole thing! But I was in the lace frame of mind and therefore went over and signed up for the Mystery Stole Along 3. Luckily I had some cones of Zephyr in my stash that was somewhat suitable...I say somewhat because in the pattern requirements they suggests black or white or some variation thereof. I had sable, lady slipper and indigo. So indigo it is. I was also able to dig up some seed beads that "match" as well. So I cast on yesterday afternoon and finished up last night around 10. Now I can hardly wait for the other clues. Boy of Boy how I miss lace. I am going to cast on for Leda's Dream because I don't want to wait to knit more lace. So I will work on this while I wait for my Kauni Yarn to arrive from the Netherlands, and my new skein of Lime and Violet's Sock yarn arrives. I also ordered a skein of Worsted Hand Paint from Zen Yarn Garden . I think I'll do mittens for myself with it.

And of course I continue to stalk White Willow for new sock knitting bags.

On my walk this AM I encountered a nice, big, fat, black bear. I really wish I had my camera. Luckily it was early and guys were on their way to work, so I asked one of them to zip me by him as he wasn't interested in leaving the ditch on his own. Even with me singing loudly! Crazy bear!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quick Update (Or Maybe long update)

Me again:

I decided I'd give this another try. I was able to get the buttons loaded thanks to Reasoning E'Bert. I have been having fun on and have added more photos to flickr so should be able to get some more up here.

I've been working away on plain vanilla socks. These are out of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. Pretty color way ... kind of fun. I'm a little discouraged with my sock yarn stash right now as when I was buying it I was having fun knitting with the hand paints, but now I would rather do some patterns (lacy, cabled or whatever) but they don't show well on the detailed hand paint so I am stuck (not sure if that is the right word) with doing plain vanilla. As I DON"T want to buy more sock yarn. Hubby told me if I knit my stash he will spring for a wheel. True I fall off the wagon every once in a while but not too bad. (Of course just today I bought Merangue from Lime and Violets update ( Its pink. I don't need any other reason.

I also order 4 new braids of roving from Spunky Eclectic which I will gladly spin on my spindle. I have been doing fine lace weight, but think I'll do some of this up into worsted so I can do some mittens for Christmas. I've been looking on etsy but not a lot of hand painted worsted out there. Speaking of handspun I've finished spinning the Mandy colorway by Spunky as well. As usual John insists that I knit something so here are the wrist cuffs based roughly of a pattern from Spin to Knit by Shannon Okey. The brown is some Alpaca I've been spinning up. I find it quite slippery and slightly difficult to spin compared to the sheep wool.

I am waiting patiently for my Kauni yarn to come from the Netherlands. Its too bad I ordered it before I read the yarn harlot and saw that there was going to be a knit along and someone in Canada is actually going to be stocking it! (As opposed to stalking it..which I am doing) Who knows how long I'll have to wait. I'm very eager to start. My luck the kAL will be over before I even get the yarn. It has been shipped though so it is somewhere.

In the meantime I should work away on this Hillwick Lumbar. Its beautiful and it just needs the rest of one sleeve and all of the other. If I work at it I'd get it done.

Still busy with my English Course. Have to post comments on 4 other paragraphs by June 28, 2007. I thought by forcing deadlines I might actually finish on time. (Still think that I will, however I still hate the deadlines)

I also have this lovely Frleece Artist ( Mo to knit into something. Probably an airy cardigan on circs.

I couldn't post a blog entry without a couple of obligatory Bronson Photos. Here he is in the Red Cables and WW.

I wasn't sure if I had posted a pic of the River Rapids socks when I finished them either. So just in case I've added them as well. Along with the Killer Tomato named after Spunky Eclectic's colorway "Killer Tomato" Also the Gentlemans Fancy Socks. They are fantastic and were fun to knit.

I've been plugging away on Eunny Jang's "Anemoi Mittens" but have realized that they will have to come out. Way to small. And since they are for my Daughter I can't just keep knitting them an find someone to fit them. Shucks! Who knows when they will see the frog pond. Hopefully before this color combination goes out of style.Since I've been "fairly" good and haven't bought "too much" (what is that?) yarn I have been frequenting etsy just the same and stocking up on project bags and small pouches. Aren't they the best. I really like the ones from WWW. and stalk her shop everyday waiting for "just the right one". And this has lead to me feeling I must fill each bag with a difference sock. So for a while there I had three socks complete and not a match to be seen. I've put the kibosh to that though and have since finished them. THe hourglass; the plain vanilla (Yarn from Knittery); and Lauren's First. My daughter actually started these and I just finished them. She was moving away and wasn't sure if she was going to do them without me around. So I finished them up and sent them off on the weekend. She hasn't mentioned them yet, but I am sure she'll get them soon.

I've also finished up this scarf that was hanging around on the needles for a while. Its done in Lisa Sousa Berry Poppins colorway. Beautiful isn't it. All done with short rows. I don't know who will get this. Does anyone else just complete projects with no idea who they will be for? I do it because I like the yarn or the pattern and want to try it out. But then I don't know what to do with it. Maybe the