Saturday, October 06, 2007

Should I or Shouldn't I

I'm debating whether or not I want to join the Secret of the Stole. Well thats not correct I joined ages ago. When I was just finished the Mystery Stole 3. I have yarn in my stash, I don't have any beads I can use and when I went to Williams lake I was told the bead store was closed and would remain closed for 2 weeks as the owner is on vacation....gotta love small towns. I traisped around town including the dollarama but couldn't find beads to match the jaggerspun I have upstairs. However I did receive some lovely Rowan Pure Wool Dk in the mail, enough to make a lovely cabled aran for Bronson, and when i went into work last week there was a present on my desk. Massive amounts of worsed Weight wool! I was given over 800 yds of the stuff. Its cream color with flecks of browns and golds. Beautiful. One of my co-workers went to Wales and brought it back for me. I've been searching ravelry to see what I can do with it, and probably will settle on a cabled vest or T-Shirt. 800 yds just isn't enough to do sleeves! But I feel I must knit it up and wear it to work soon. Therefore the SOTS goes by the wayside. Of course it is only clue one and I could probably whip it up in a few hours.

Its Thanksgiving weekend in Canada John has to work, Richard has a couple of friends over, I did all my house cleaning yesterday so I should be free to sit and knit all three days...well with the exception of putting in the turkey and peeling some potatoes! and of course the English Essay for my course can wait ( I did apply for an extension after all so I must have lots of time) (Oh yes and walking the dogs). So I really don't have any excuses...well except I have to go upstairs to get the Jaggerspun out of the stash. I really don't know if I want to go upstairs as I will get a glimspe of Richards room and probably have a breakdown! Maybe i'll wait until he gets up and get him to bring down the rubbermaid container that "contains" my laceweight!

I really wanted to do pics this go around, but can't seem to put my hands on my camera today. I'm hoping that we left it in the truck from the trip to Kelowna last weekend. I must have it for next weekend as we are headed to Vancouver for Bronson's 1st birthday! I haven't seen him in ages and can hardly weight. I would have went this weekend, however the weather was conspiring against me and since I haven't driver the new car yet I was nervous. Next weekend John can go with me. (He can drive the new car and I can works!)

So yeah we did pick up a new car (well new to us) to replace the one dear son #2 crashed for us in August! It's exactly the same color etc, however this one is a diesel and has leather interior and it has a manual transmission. Its shifts quite differently from the truck but it will just take me a couple of trips around the parking lot to get the feel. I drove with John the other day and he keep telling me "no! no! Put it in neutal! No now you are in 5th! You can't go up the hill in 3rd! So I felt it would be better for me to go out on my own!

Argh! I also started toe up on circ's. I cast both on and knitted away. I followed directions from cat Bordhi's book "new Pathways" however I find them WAY to big, even though my gauge was correct. Do people wear their socks that loose? Maybe I just wear mine quite snugly compared to. Anyway i ripped out the needles and cast

Well must run. Richard and I are going to watch a movie before the others get up.

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jen said...

happy canadian thanksgiving to you!
(i dated a canadian for 4 years, he lived in london, Ontario...oh how i miss ontario!)