Sunday, October 08, 2006

Short Update

Well I love my IPOD and I love the knitting podcasts that are out there and available. I started with Brenda Dayne at and now I can't stop. I have down loaded all of the past episodes and don't have enough room left of my podcast until I listen to some and delete them from the IPOD. But that wasn't enough I greedily seached Itunes and downloaded all the knitting podcasts out there and all their past episodes as well. I listen everywhere now. In the house while doing housework, in the car while driving to work (is it even legal?), walking from the parking lot into the building, (I usually take one earpiece out of my ear if an employee stops and asks me something...just because I was raised "right"!) etc. etc. The dogs have never been happier, I just want to walk and walk and listen. A friend even asked me if I wanted to start walking with her on Monday and I had to explain that I got a new IPOD and wasn't capable of conversation right now! It was a perfect gift for me. I love it. Thanks John!

Lets see. What is on the needles. I'm in a strange phase right now. I have no desire to finish anything. I just want to start stuff. I'm amazed at how easily I get bored. I've been doing small baby things, knit all in one piece etc, but still have to convince myself to complete each one.

This is a little blue set. Done out of beautiful yarn. Naturally "Sensation" wool and angora. I was hoping new baby would come home from the hospital in this. Well at least wear the hat.Its wonderfully soft and baby like. I don't know what the deal is with my pictures this week. They have imported strangely and I've had to "size" them myself so everything may look a bit stretched. (It isn't my knitting .... honest!;))

I know that it must seem odd that I am blogging again...already, but I think I'm on to something; Last weekI brought my IPOD into work and used the high speed internet and my lap top to download podcasts and I was amazed at how quickly everything went. I spent hours at home last weekend down loading Podcasts (only a couple, but it took hours) and when I came to work on Monday had everything I wanted downloaded in minutes. So this AM I thought well hey....its an overtime day at work, what better way to use my time then to update my blog. So I quickly took some pictures at 5:30 this AM and this is what you are getting now.

So lets see. Here is a pic of the Hat and booties I made while at the car show a few weeks ago. And another hat just for in the nursery. I know its navy and probably to dark for a newborn, but it is what I had at hand and wanted something quick. (Remember I can't finish anything lately and need small, simple projects. When in Chase for the Carshow I was able to go to go into Kamloops to a yarn store and pick up some new yarn for Mom's cabled sweater I also bought some Regia Silk and have decided to make a hot water bottle cover from it. Do I need a silk hot water bottle cover would be the question, especially when I sleep with a heat generator, AKA John, but i just didn't "feel" like making socks with it. So here it is. Started.

I was also able to complete the hood for "Ruby" sweater from Bee's Knees. I didn't show this last week as I had truly thought that i would wait until it was actually finished. But I don't know if that will ever happen so I thought I'd show you the progress.

I did knit another dishcloth. This was the first of the month "mystery cloth". Its a cat. The picture isn't overly clear and probably would have been better if done in a solid color. But you'll be seeing lots of dishcloths in this yarn as I have a huge ball of it and am in dishcloth mode.

I also got another ball of C-eye-ber fiber in the mail. I think this is part of a "Sock Club" I belong to and this is their havest colorway. I think I get two more balls in this club and then that will be it. I don't think I'll join again. Not for any other reason other then I have yards and yards of their sock yarn and haven't knit one darn thing from it. Its for no other reason then I'm not sure if i like colorways. I have one that is pale greens, one that is pale blues, and one that has pale purples. Each skein is approx. 400 yds so I know I'd have enough to make something for baby but I just don't feel it yet. You know as I was typing this I was think I could make the "Big Bad Baby Blanket" out of it. Maybe I'll try that. I don't have a baby blanket for new little one yet. I've been putting it off as I don't want to work with acrylic's but haven't found a suitable superwash wool yet. Plus I've been trying to use my stash and not spend so much$$$.

I guess that is it for now. I'm back to my desk and to reality.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Once a Month

Well I guess I'm down to blogging once a month. I thought I would do it more often, but...I am on dial up. We just got off Party lines a few years ago so I don't know if our small town will ever have high speed! But this is good relaxing time. I'll make a pot of coffee, have a dishcloth on the needles and we'll call it relaxing while I wait to download my new pictures.

So we went to the car show. Here is the 57 Monarch we took.

But here is the one we liked. The owner actually made his little sleeper.

The weather was fantastic, the company better, and the hotel to die for. We had a great time. (I made booties and the Tree Elf Hat for Grandbaby). I was able to get away on Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours and picked up new yarn for my mother's request for a red cabled sweater. I chose Peer Gynt in this red (she asked for Tomato red..I hope this is it) and I'm using size 3.5 mm. This project has caused some difficulties for me as I wasn't able to find the pattern I really liked. I wanted to do it all in the round with lots of fabulous cables, but eventually I realized I wasn't going to find it and have created my own pattern. Its fun and believe it or not quite relaxing to knit. This is the second attempt. I started one a while back with Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, but found the yarn to heavy for what I wanted to make. So hopefully this one will pass the test. I've got too much "fun" stuff to do so I can't be bothered doing something I don't like. Of course everything is difficult now as the light bulb from my ott light has gotten broken ("Mom, the dog knocked over your ott light!") and we had to order another from Ontario. So at night when I am knitting cables, or knitting amethyst lace and my eyeballs are bugging out of my head and I'm leaning forward off the couch into the light..I can have the tendency to be a little cranky!

I've been busy with work. Getting the Employee and Family Assistance Program set up and meeting with all the employees about it. I'm helping to organize this year's Mine Rescue Competition (to be held in Williams Lake, June 7, 8 9 2007...Shameless self promotion), and I just got word that I can take some on-line courses towards my Certification for Human Resources and Labour Relations. (Paid by the company) So that is good news, I'm excited but I'll have to work! And of course, boys, girls (goes without saying when you have boys around) babies (no, no grandbaby yet, but soon) dogs, and husband.

I've joined yet another group. This time the monthly KAL for Dishcloths. ( So nice to have mindless knitting on the needles as well. For those time when I have a chatty husband around or we are travelling into town for groceries etc and there is so much to see. The leaves are changing, the deer are gathering for the rut, the salmon are spawning and the bears are feeding, the swans and geese are migrating. I don't want to miss any of it. Or drop a stitch. So you can see where the lowly dishcloth comes in handy.I've made two, out of stuff I had about, but there are so many nice patterns in the group files, I can see I'll have to buy a ball or two of new stuff in the "right colors". I HAVE to. Who can resist an orange pumpkin dishcloth this close to Halloween?

So my darling husband does listen! Look at what I got. Yes its an IPOD so I can download all the knitting podcasts I want and still walk the dogs. Of course don't even try calling this house as the phone line will be busy as i download hours of info. I'm thinking I'll take the ipod to work and use the laptop and the company's satellite to make short work of it. But I can't wait until Monday.

Of course a new IPOD called for a new IPOD sweater and I quickly whipped this up on my first walk while listening to the lasted PODCAST of Cast-on. ( Ain't technology great! I'll have to make a cord for it so I can hang it around my neck while walking.

Late last night....(11ish?) I decided I had to make two socks at once and cast on with some lovely hand painted Lisa Souza. Here they are. Its fun so far, although I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually. Yes they are two different colors, but I didn't want to get confused my first time out. (and yes they are in baby size). I guess doing them in two different colors really doesn't help the SSS (second sock syndrome) but its good practice for me.

And of course a lovely little "chunky baby sweater" from for the new'un. I chose Limeade, (Lambs Pride Bulky) because I thought it would be fun. (For me, of course) Exact reason why I chose the chunky knit. One can only knit tiny baby things at a tiny gauge for so long. And since my backside was making a dent in the couch I had to do something fast!

Lastly here is a pic of our house with the new deck. Husband is finished vacation and has headed back to work. It was a long 21 days off. I got up every morning while he lie sleeping. It was difficult especially now that it is dark in the mornings. But he is back to work and I still have 160 hours of vacation remaining! Ha!

For Patricia: we just bought a new light for the front door so that white one is GOING! Today!

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Well I did it! I actually created yarn with my drop spindle, plied it, washed it, dried it and knit with it. I created these simple booties guessed it, new grandbaby to be. But all and all I am quite pleased. The white is stuff I did first and it is quite uneven, but the blue worked out alright. Probably a little too fine in some places, but still. I'm pleased. Its quite addicting. But I don't know if if could do enough by hand to make a sweater, or shawl. But I guess that is where a wheel comes into play. First though i want an IPOD (or similar) for all the knitting podcasts out there. Who knew.

Nothing big on the knitting scene this week. Working away on my Rogue Hoodie from I love the pattern, not sure about it in this purple, but fun to knit, lots of mindless knitting when watching the home improvement shows on the telly. But enough cables to keep it interesting. Especially doing them on the "wrong side". New for me. This is a project I take out and work on for a bit, then put away etc.

New ball of yarn from C-eye-ber. This is part of the PS color. This must be September. I belong to so many groups I can't keep them all straight. But I like getting the yarn on a monthly basis. Just sent in my color choices for the Shawl Club. Done in Jaggerspun Zephyer. My personal favorite for shawls.
We are heading to Chase next weekend for a Car Show. We are taking some car...i don't know what down. John will really enjoy it and I'll probably get lots of knitting done. John has been busy working on the deck. New railings etc. He had to jack up the deck in places as apparently it was not level AT ALL. I'll take pics when its done. Coming along nicely. Makes a real difference to the look of the house. Not quite so log cabin-y now. I don't know if that is good or not. I'll probably just have to get used to it.

Friday, August 25, 2006


I know its been forever but my computer was sick and I had to wait a long time to get it fixed. Lots has happened. I've discovered that my new Grandbaby is a boy! So I guess I'm knitting boy colors from now on. I've finished the Mystery Shawl KAL #4, I've been to the fiber festival in Gibson's Landing and I've learned to use a spindle and am spinning my own yarn. Can a spinning wheel be far behind? A son has graduated, a pet has died, summer has flown by and I've got more stuff on the needles than I can count! (Not really...I'm trying to finish everything up.) However there is no use dwelling on the past. I can only hope I'll post more regularly now that the computer is up and running...if only I had high speed. is the baby that I know all of you are dying to see. I'm sure he has changed lots already as he was only a 26 week old fetus in this picture.

and of course the new sweaters that go along with him....

I'm working on one (although I bought several patterns) now called "Ruby" by Bee's Knees. ( Her patterns are well written, up-to-date and unisex, not to mention fun to knit. I should get the second sleeve completed today and start on the hood.

I've finished the pomatomus sock, and wore it salmon fishing when in Campbell they are fish scales you know. I did have a fish on...but didn't get him in the are they still considered lucky? I don't know. No pic of this right now as they are in the wash and I didn't want to show you socks that were all out of shape.

I also finished a pair done in Lisa Souza merino in the colorway Wild Things. I loved working with this yarn and love the color. These look a bit wacky too, but I did wash and dry them in the dryer (I know thats a faux pas) but they fit nicely and are comfortable. In fact I have two skeins of this colorway put aside for the "Seraphim Shawl" and several more skeins (in different colors) for socks or baby sweater or whatever.

I've unravelled the Lorna Laces "bittersweet" socks that were for my neice as I never did get her foot size and couldn't waste that beautiful yarn. But I have my opal dream catcher "walking socks" on needles. So called because I walk everyday and need a small portable project to walk with and this is it. These will eventually go to one of my co-workers.

And of course the mystery Shawl KAL 4. This was done with Kidlin Pixie. I hated working with this yarn, but once blocked it is beautiful to touch and wear. I was hoping this shawl would be going to my new grand baby, however since we've discovered its a boy, it will probably stay with me. Its been cool in the AM and I've been wearing it every morning while knitting, before the sun comes up. I don't want to close the windows as it won't be long before snow falls and I'll have to keep them closed. Sorry this is a bad pic. It looks nice when all stretched out, however it is early moring and its cold outside and I had to take it off to take this picture.

I do belong to the "shawl club" and have received my yarn and pattern for July. I've wound the skein into a giant ball, however haven't cast on yet, although I'm dying to...always like to have a shawl on the needles (The ongoing shawl from Knitpicks doesn't count as its not in laceweight) but have decided to wait until I make room in my knitting basket.

I did cast on for Chicknits lace cardigan in Fleece Artist's baby kid, but then unravelled as I knew I was fooling myself with only 900 M. To bad as it was beautiful to knit with. Maybe it will become a blanket for Grandbaby "Bronson Hayes"...but it is gorgeous stuff so if I can get something for me out of it I'll probably do that. In the meantime it sits in my bedroom with the other skeins I'm going to use soon.

Been thinking alot about the many balls of "tomato red" I have from knitpicks. This will become a nice Aran for my mother. I really wanted her to have it for fall, but I've so busy and focused on baby sweaters it may be next fall. To bad though she is making a pilgramage to Nova Scotia and I could just see her wearing it on the craggy coast. Oh well. Deadlines!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

More Sock Yarn

Can any one really ever have enough sock yarn? Thats how i justify my inane purchases anyway. I went ahead and ordered some lisa Souza sock weight yarn. It arrived on Wednesday...very, very quick service I may add considering she had to dye it. (It was dyed on May 10, it says on the label..which was after I ordered it) Its beautiful to look at, but it is destined for socks. I bought the colors South Pacific, Mahogany, Pacific and Wildthings. South Pacific will be some sort of cable, wildthings will become the cascading leaves, and mahogany...well I'm not really certain yet, and Pacific is in the process of becoming the pomatomus from . This picture doesn't do the colors justice, they are darker in real life.
The Pomatomus sock is fun to knit and the pattern easily memorized. I don't know who will get these socks yet. Maybe me. I may just hold off wearing them until the fall and enter them in the Big Lake Fall Fair. I've never entered anything and it might be kind of fun.

I got another email from Renee at who told me that the Cream kidlin Pixie I ordered was also on back order until August, so I went ahead and ordered the deep cerise. I wanted to do the shawl in pink to begin with, but since I didn't know the sex of the baby I went with Woodland, but it ended up back ordered, so I asked for Cream, now it is back ordered so I'm going for the pink. Guess I might as well ordered that from the beginning as it was obviously meant to be no matter how hard I tried to make it some other color.

Woodland Cream Cerise

No matter what I am sure it will be beautiful. Reneee does such nice work. The mystery shawl alongs are so much fun.

Oh a couple of other new yarns to report. My mother is desparately trying to track down some Koigu for me. I guess the supplier is having trouble keeping up with demand, as my mother is looking in Ontario and I believe that is where the company is situated. I also joined another sock club. This time 4 balls dyed my mama E. I haven't seen it yet...except internet pictures, but am looking forward to it. She only dyes 15-20 skeins at a time so these will really be on of a kind's. That is kind of exciting.

I will be asking for a spindle for christmas as i really want to try my hand at spinning. I've bought books and read stuff on the internet and think I'm ready. Do you think I'll be able to wait for Christmas? Toni at has some lovely ones. Although I don't think they need to be beautiful to work.

And of course this is May and I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new kit from Socks that Rock Rockin' Sock Club. I hope I love the color this time.

Well I'm going to post this now and get back to knitting the pomatomus. I'd like to be finished before going back to work. But i guess that depends on if I work Monday or take the day off.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

MS3 Finished~

Did you think it was ever going to happen? I finally finished the Mystery Shawl along 3. I started off gung ho... but somehow fell behind after the clue from week 3, and that was the beginning of the end. It played on my mind constantly as things kept coming up that I "HAD" to do instead of knitting. (What is that all about?) But I didn't give up...I perserved and finally results...I am so pleased with it. Lace is like never know what it is really going to look like until its stretched out and blocked.

I took this baby off the needles at 9:00PM last Sunday evening, raced to the bathroom to soak and wash...then on to the floor for blocking. (My dogs love it when I am on the floor with them....hmmmm, not the easiest way to block) But got it stretched out and pinned...probably could have pulled the "scallops" out a bit more, but need a proper blocking board and the quilt I had under the shawl kept bunching up as I was pulling and pinning.

Anyway I finally got to bed, and could hardly wait until morning when I could take out the pins and lift the shawl for the true test. And I was pleased.

So here it is in all its glory. I was pressed for time taking the pics but you get the idea. I've stuffed it into an envelope and it is winging its way to Yarmouth right now. I am sure my Aunt will love it.

I got a note from Bo Peeps saying the color I wanted for my mystery shawl 4 would be backordered until August, so decided to go with another color. I chose cream this time. I know that sounds boring, but this one will be going to new grandbaby, and since Rebecca was thinking it was going to be a boy I didn't think I should do the shawl in pink. (Even though I highly suspect this baby is going to be a girl). If that is the case there will be lots of time for Pink.

Well must run. This is the only day I get off before going back to the 1st aid course. (Have to practice on Sunday) I'll be glad when I am done this...its wearing me out and little knitting time, other than socks.

Which reminds me...we should be getting our next installment of the STR Sock club yarn this month. That is something to look forward to. (Yikes is that a preposition?....Mom don't look)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Spring Fever

Well it must be spring...I've started cleaning and can't seem to stop. I even went so far as to order a new feather duster from (and one for my sister!) Somebody stop me before I buy a robot vacuum cleaner.

Along with my cleaning comes having a glance thru the stash to see what needs to be completed etc. So I've been busy "finishing up" this week. With the exception of my Mystery Shawl Along 3. (I haven't touched it all week long.) I've had good intentions though as I have taken it with me everytime I go out...but it just sits in the knitting bag while I knit something else. Maybe I should take only it and then I would have no choice but to continue on. I'll have to get busy next week and set the timer for 1/2 hour every night. Even then it will take me 28 or 29 days to complete. I must get it finished at all costs as I have gone ahead and ordered the yarn for Mystery Shawl Along 4 from This one starts in June which gives me plenty of time to finish # 3. I should have been cautious and ordered white or cream yarn..but no I've thrown caution to the wind ordered the color "woodland." If I'm going to knit it I want it to be fun! I understand that this mystery shawl is going to be circular. Nice for wrapping up a baby.

I dug into the container holding "nearly finished" items and came up with this Poinsetta Shawl from Lucy Neatby. I ran out of yarn with about 8 inches of edging to go last August. It took me almost 8 months to get more yarn ordered in. But it finally arrived in late March. I finished it on Friday. It still needs to be blocked but thought I would wait until weather clears up a bit (we are still getting snow!) This is the secnd Poinsetta shawl I've done, this one in "Hair" by Schachenmayr. Its fun to knit and believe it or not this pattern knits up quite quickly. I did the first one in White Douceur de Soie which was beautiful and went to a baby for baptism. Of course this one will end up for my new Grandbaby, due in early November. (Things are pointing to it being a girl, but I'm not confident enough yet to start making anything pink! )

Next, I finished my Rocking SockClub socks from Socks That Rock. They are called "Cedar Creek Socks". As you know I was struggling with the color. And not really liking it at all. It hasn't gotten any better even as I completed both socks. As it turns out I didn't have enough in the skein to finish the second sock and you will see the very tip of the toe with lots of ochre color. Thats a second skein I had to use. Not STR but Nature Spun fingering. Color seems to match OK and you can't really tell when they are on one's feet. Its disappointing as I was really hoping that the skeins would be big enough for size 10's. I actually made the leg part a little shorter than I would usually make it just so I wouldn't run out. I hope I like the next yarn color that comes more. But now that I know the skeins are not big enough for me...I guess I have all my Christmas socks planned for next Christmas. I hope the recipients realize what a NICE gift they are getting! Certainly didn't have enough for the "Baby socks" as I promised my daughter. But I did cast on Lorna Laces sock weight in Bittersweet and started another pair. I was holding this yarn for baby sweater when I found out for sure that the baby was going to be a girl. But wouldn't you know it I got a new sock book in the mail (Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks )and couldn't resist starting a pair. These are the fancy silk sock. True the color "bittersweet" may be a bit too busy for the pattern. But they are fun to knit and the pattern is easy to memorize. I did most of these out walking and didn't have to take the pattern. It's a fantastic color isn't it? Of course, I know only one person who would actually wear these socks in this colorway and that is my young neice, Kelsey. I've asked my sister, Pat, to measure up Kelsey's foot and I'll complete them for her. Of course another very nice gift for a child! I must add that I still prefer Fleece Artist yarn to both the STR and the LL sockweight. (I loved the LL worsted) However in all fairness, I will give the LL another try as perhaps the gauge I had to use for this sock is just looser than I would like on a normal everyday sock. It's on a 2 1/2 mm needle and I usually do socks on 2 or smaller. I did the STR on 2's and liked the gauge. I like my socks tightly knitted.

I found a website the other day that gave me a pattern for a mobias cowl made with one skein of Fleece Artist cashmere. I happen to have a ball of cashmere just waiting to be made into here it is. I really don't know the point of a Mobias other than to say I made one? Maybe I just haven't made enough of them to really understand how great they are. So perhaps this won't be my last. I do have both of Cat Bordi's books on Mobias's and think I may embark on one of the baskets or bowls she offers. I don't know..I hate too much stuff around cluttering up the house. So if I can justify it by having it "hold" something...I'll think about it.

Its Easter in this home and the Easter Bunny has found my stash of Easter Bunny and Chick covers. Can anyone really have too many of these? I think these ones will be going to work with me tomorrow to place on the desks of fellow employees for a little treat! I may whip up a couple more this afternoon...its hard to make just one!

Well that is said and done. I must add that I got to see an Ultra Sound picture of my new Grandbaby. Its a beauty already. 10 1/2 weeks and growing strong. Heartbeat 163 (points to girl!) and moving up a storm. Due date November 5, 2006. Count down is on!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Month!!!! Yikes

Has it really been over a month since my last update! Yikes! Time does fly when you get older. Well where shall I start.... I guess where I last left off.

My mother received her yoga socks and says they do the job. So that is good. She was good enough to send me a pic so I could check the size etc. I think they look great. Of course I am biased as I absolutely loved working with the Lorna Laces. So much so that I purchased a couple of more balls. This time in "bittersweet" and in the sock weight.

It is lovely and pink isn't it. I don't think that I'll do socks with it though, I think it might turn into baby clothes of some type once the results of the ultrasound come back. NOT MINE! I guess I am getting ahead of myself, but I will be a grandmother in October. I can hardly wait. Of course the moment I heard the news I rushed to the stash and started knitting. This is the results so far. I never wanted to know what sex I was going to deliver however I am dying to know what Lauryn Rebecca will deliver as it will make my color choices much more fun. Since my daughter was visiting I suggested knitting a sweater or some booties but finally opted for a ripple baby blanket, yes it is crochet but its a start right? We have a long way to go. I don't think reality has set in for her yet. Just wait until she hears the heart beat for the first time.

He/She will definately get some luxury baby booties out of this fleece Artist 100% cashmere. It's fantastic. I had four balls, but two became hats and the other eludes me right now.... I'm sure it will turn up.

This Naturally Sensation - (wool and angora) will turn into the Baby Surplice by Elizabeth Zimmermann...soon.
I know these are gorgeous yarns for a baby. But hey it is my first biological grandchild. I remember when I was a new mother I bought all the kids clothes at Zellers etc. because it was inexpensive. However, my mother always sent beautiful things to the kids. Beautifully made and designed stuff. Sleepers, overalls, skirts, blouses and dresses. I loved whenever a box arrived as I knew it was something I could put on my babies and be proud. That is what I am doing for my daughter as well. It is such a good feeling to take your baby to the doctor in cashmere!

This is a picture of Lauryn Rebecca. Can't you just see her in cashmere? I think she is glowing already. Midge (the Pom)loves having Lauryn around as well and seems to prefer going to bed upstairs with lauryn at night instead of with me. Though I must say John and I aren't complaining about that at all. The cats and Sam (the lab) still love us. Unfortunately my daughter has been a little spoiled living down south and can't beleive it isn't summer here yet. I've had the fire lit everyday and her under blankets and in sweaters. And here we (John, Richard and I) were thinking it was beautiful outside. Well at least it isn't winter anymore. Handy have Bex around though as she has been winding my skeins into cakes with the new Swift. (Thanks MOM!) It too, was another lovely gift from my mother and everyone that comes to visit gets to try it. It is fun to use.

I've received my first STR package. Its going a little slowly just because I can't really get into the color. But maybe it will grow on me I made a deal with Rebecca that if she takes the socks I'll make a baby pair to match. Maybe all my STR yarn will go that route. It would be fun. Matching mother/baby socks. Even though I'm not enjoying the color. I like knitting with the yarn. I must say that my favorite still is Fleece Artist sock yarn and the Lorna Laces. But I'll keep you updated on the STR. I still have to try the Koigu. But haven't been anywhere that sells it at this point. I just can't buy my first Koigu off the internet. I MUST SEE colors.

I am still plugging away on my Mystery Shawl. I am actually on the final clue. I figure another 16 to 18 hours of straight knitting and I'll have it completed. So maybe another few weeks. Depending. I have to update my Level 3 First Aid course from the 24 of April to the 9th of I know I won't be doing much knitting during that time. Of course I have to hurry as they'll be another Mystery Shawl starting in June. It will be a round shawl this time, and I'm thinking white for new baby. Round is always good for wrapping a babe. You can see where all my knitting ideas are right now.

I've also got 4 stray balls of Noro which will become a sweater of some sort. Probably toddler size. I may just create my own pattern this time.

And for myself I bought enough Peace Fleece for a simple cardigan. Although I don't know when I'll ever cast on. Once I do though it will go fairly quickly. As it is worsted weight. Something I haven't worked with in a while. I still have the Rogue Hoodie from on the needles. I'm doing that in Elann 100% peruvian in a dark purple. And i don't know how many times I've started the cabled sweater for my mother just to decide I didn't like the pattern and started again. I best be careful though as I have been eyeing that red KnitPicks Wool of the Andes for something I best get something started again.

And if that wasn't enough, I guess my 14 y/o was feeling left out and decided he needed a trip to Emergency. Yes here he is with a dime size hole in his skull from triping our his size 13's! (Who knew the skull could fracture so easily?) He has finished all the antibiotics now so perhaps smooth sailing. I'm a little worried over how it is healing. He still may need a trip to the plastic surgeon.

Well I guess thats a start. I am sure there is stuff I forgot. But I can't wait any longer to post. I have to knit. Its been a hectic week.