Saturday, September 09, 2006


Well I did it! I actually created yarn with my drop spindle, plied it, washed it, dried it and knit with it. I created these simple booties guessed it, new grandbaby to be. But all and all I am quite pleased. The white is stuff I did first and it is quite uneven, but the blue worked out alright. Probably a little too fine in some places, but still. I'm pleased. Its quite addicting. But I don't know if if could do enough by hand to make a sweater, or shawl. But I guess that is where a wheel comes into play. First though i want an IPOD (or similar) for all the knitting podcasts out there. Who knew.

Nothing big on the knitting scene this week. Working away on my Rogue Hoodie from I love the pattern, not sure about it in this purple, but fun to knit, lots of mindless knitting when watching the home improvement shows on the telly. But enough cables to keep it interesting. Especially doing them on the "wrong side". New for me. This is a project I take out and work on for a bit, then put away etc.

New ball of yarn from C-eye-ber. This is part of the PS color. This must be September. I belong to so many groups I can't keep them all straight. But I like getting the yarn on a monthly basis. Just sent in my color choices for the Shawl Club. Done in Jaggerspun Zephyer. My personal favorite for shawls.
We are heading to Chase next weekend for a Car Show. We are taking some car...i don't know what down. John will really enjoy it and I'll probably get lots of knitting done. John has been busy working on the deck. New railings etc. He had to jack up the deck in places as apparently it was not level AT ALL. I'll take pics when its done. Coming along nicely. Makes a real difference to the look of the house. Not quite so log cabin-y now. I don't know if that is good or not. I'll probably just have to get used to it.

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