Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mystery Stole 3

Ok so I've been working on socks and haven't worked on lace in a while. So yesterday I dragged out the old "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" but couldn't remember where I was. I kind of guessed but ended up frogging the whole thing! But I was in the lace frame of mind and therefore went over and signed up for the Mystery Stole Along 3. Luckily I had some cones of Zephyr in my stash that was somewhat suitable...I say somewhat because in the pattern requirements they suggests black or white or some variation thereof. I had sable, lady slipper and indigo. So indigo it is. I was also able to dig up some seed beads that "match" as well. So I cast on yesterday afternoon and finished up last night around 10. Now I can hardly wait for the other clues. Boy of Boy how I miss lace. I am going to cast on for Leda's Dream because I don't want to wait to knit more lace. So I will work on this while I wait for my Kauni Yarn to arrive from the Netherlands, and my new skein of Lime and Violet's Sock yarn arrives. I also ordered a skein of Worsted Hand Paint from Zen Yarn Garden . I think I'll do mittens for myself with it.

And of course I continue to stalk White Willow for new sock knitting bags.

On my walk this AM I encountered a nice, big, fat, black bear. I really wish I had my camera. Luckily it was early and guys were on their way to work, so I asked one of them to zip me by him as he wasn't interested in leaving the ditch on his own. Even with me singing loudly! Crazy bear!