Monday, December 28, 2009

A New Year?

Well its been a year since I last blogged. Well just about. A year since my father died (well just about) and I missed him everyday and probably will continue to do so.

Life has changed dramatically in the Gagnon house hold. Richard (the youngest) moved out. Pierce the university student moved in for the summer holidays and worked at the mine. Just when he was about to leave John's oldest daughther, Danielle and our two grandchildren...girls aged 7 and 8 moved in. Rebecca finished her nursing school and found a job in beautiful Victoria and she, Bronson and Kyle relocated.

Having the girls here is both stimulating and trying at the same time. They bring so much joy to our lives...however you have to remember we aren't used to living with a 7 and an 8 year old and our little cottage is only 900 sq feet. I'm sure Danielle feels the same way as well. Kids seem to be adaptable and don't notice the chaos so much.

I've taught them all to knit though. And my stash is being reduced at an alarming rate, into holey scarves, doll blankets, afghan squares etc.

On the other hand I have been going thru life each day pretty much the same. Work, cook, knit, cook, sleep, shower, cook, work, cook, knit, cook, sleep, shower, cook, work....etc.

I was on a knitting deadline..which I hate but yesterday...yes 3 days late, finished my last two Christmas gifts. Socks for Kyle out of Kroy and a lovely pair of Wood Hollow Mittens by Thru the loops out of stashed cascade 220 and lined with some soft angora.

For my birthday in December, John bought me a satellite that will bring me high speed. that is what encouraged me to begin blogging again. Finally I can upload pictures a little faster and it won't drive me nuts and fail all the time.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Are you a Canadian Knit Blogger?

I got this link from my Friend Eulanda and thought it would work for knitting blogs as well. Therefore if you are a Canadian (or live in Canada) and have a knitting blog email me with your Name and I'll add you to my sidebar under the heading "Canadian Knit Blogs".

Be sure to include your name and location as well as a link to your blog. Please help me out and pass the word around as well so I can get a comprehensive list going.

thanks for the help