Saturday, May 20, 2006

More Sock Yarn

Can any one really ever have enough sock yarn? Thats how i justify my inane purchases anyway. I went ahead and ordered some lisa Souza sock weight yarn. It arrived on Wednesday...very, very quick service I may add considering she had to dye it. (It was dyed on May 10, it says on the label..which was after I ordered it) Its beautiful to look at, but it is destined for socks. I bought the colors South Pacific, Mahogany, Pacific and Wildthings. South Pacific will be some sort of cable, wildthings will become the cascading leaves, and mahogany...well I'm not really certain yet, and Pacific is in the process of becoming the pomatomus from . This picture doesn't do the colors justice, they are darker in real life.
The Pomatomus sock is fun to knit and the pattern easily memorized. I don't know who will get these socks yet. Maybe me. I may just hold off wearing them until the fall and enter them in the Big Lake Fall Fair. I've never entered anything and it might be kind of fun.

I got another email from Renee at who told me that the Cream kidlin Pixie I ordered was also on back order until August, so I went ahead and ordered the deep cerise. I wanted to do the shawl in pink to begin with, but since I didn't know the sex of the baby I went with Woodland, but it ended up back ordered, so I asked for Cream, now it is back ordered so I'm going for the pink. Guess I might as well ordered that from the beginning as it was obviously meant to be no matter how hard I tried to make it some other color.

Woodland Cream Cerise

No matter what I am sure it will be beautiful. Reneee does such nice work. The mystery shawl alongs are so much fun.

Oh a couple of other new yarns to report. My mother is desparately trying to track down some Koigu for me. I guess the supplier is having trouble keeping up with demand, as my mother is looking in Ontario and I believe that is where the company is situated. I also joined another sock club. This time 4 balls dyed my mama E. I haven't seen it yet...except internet pictures, but am looking forward to it. She only dyes 15-20 skeins at a time so these will really be on of a kind's. That is kind of exciting.

I will be asking for a spindle for christmas as i really want to try my hand at spinning. I've bought books and read stuff on the internet and think I'm ready. Do you think I'll be able to wait for Christmas? Toni at has some lovely ones. Although I don't think they need to be beautiful to work.

And of course this is May and I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new kit from Socks that Rock Rockin' Sock Club. I hope I love the color this time.

Well I'm going to post this now and get back to knitting the pomatomus. I'd like to be finished before going back to work. But i guess that depends on if I work Monday or take the day off.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

MS3 Finished~

Did you think it was ever going to happen? I finally finished the Mystery Shawl along 3. I started off gung ho... but somehow fell behind after the clue from week 3, and that was the beginning of the end. It played on my mind constantly as things kept coming up that I "HAD" to do instead of knitting. (What is that all about?) But I didn't give up...I perserved and finally results...I am so pleased with it. Lace is like never know what it is really going to look like until its stretched out and blocked.

I took this baby off the needles at 9:00PM last Sunday evening, raced to the bathroom to soak and wash...then on to the floor for blocking. (My dogs love it when I am on the floor with them....hmmmm, not the easiest way to block) But got it stretched out and pinned...probably could have pulled the "scallops" out a bit more, but need a proper blocking board and the quilt I had under the shawl kept bunching up as I was pulling and pinning.

Anyway I finally got to bed, and could hardly wait until morning when I could take out the pins and lift the shawl for the true test. And I was pleased.

So here it is in all its glory. I was pressed for time taking the pics but you get the idea. I've stuffed it into an envelope and it is winging its way to Yarmouth right now. I am sure my Aunt will love it.

I got a note from Bo Peeps saying the color I wanted for my mystery shawl 4 would be backordered until August, so decided to go with another color. I chose cream this time. I know that sounds boring, but this one will be going to new grandbaby, and since Rebecca was thinking it was going to be a boy I didn't think I should do the shawl in pink. (Even though I highly suspect this baby is going to be a girl). If that is the case there will be lots of time for Pink.

Well must run. This is the only day I get off before going back to the 1st aid course. (Have to practice on Sunday) I'll be glad when I am done this...its wearing me out and little knitting time, other than socks.

Which reminds me...we should be getting our next installment of the STR Sock club yarn this month. That is something to look forward to. (Yikes is that a preposition?....Mom don't look)