Saturday, May 06, 2006

MS3 Finished~

Did you think it was ever going to happen? I finally finished the Mystery Shawl along 3. I started off gung ho... but somehow fell behind after the clue from week 3, and that was the beginning of the end. It played on my mind constantly as things kept coming up that I "HAD" to do instead of knitting. (What is that all about?) But I didn't give up...I perserved and finally results...I am so pleased with it. Lace is like never know what it is really going to look like until its stretched out and blocked.

I took this baby off the needles at 9:00PM last Sunday evening, raced to the bathroom to soak and wash...then on to the floor for blocking. (My dogs love it when I am on the floor with them....hmmmm, not the easiest way to block) But got it stretched out and pinned...probably could have pulled the "scallops" out a bit more, but need a proper blocking board and the quilt I had under the shawl kept bunching up as I was pulling and pinning.

Anyway I finally got to bed, and could hardly wait until morning when I could take out the pins and lift the shawl for the true test. And I was pleased.

So here it is in all its glory. I was pressed for time taking the pics but you get the idea. I've stuffed it into an envelope and it is winging its way to Yarmouth right now. I am sure my Aunt will love it.

I got a note from Bo Peeps saying the color I wanted for my mystery shawl 4 would be backordered until August, so decided to go with another color. I chose cream this time. I know that sounds boring, but this one will be going to new grandbaby, and since Rebecca was thinking it was going to be a boy I didn't think I should do the shawl in pink. (Even though I highly suspect this baby is going to be a girl). If that is the case there will be lots of time for Pink.

Well must run. This is the only day I get off before going back to the 1st aid course. (Have to practice on Sunday) I'll be glad when I am done this...its wearing me out and little knitting time, other than socks.

Which reminds me...we should be getting our next installment of the STR Sock club yarn this month. That is something to look forward to. (Yikes is that a preposition?....Mom don't look)

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Pilar said...

OMG It's wonderful!!
I don't think i could ever achieve such thing, not even with a pattern, the right needles, a guide and a step by step teacher around the corner. Your aunty will not take it off, ever :)