Sunday, April 29, 2007

Socks Update

I've just joined another "blog". its the Slow Poke KAL and the premise is you just knit socks at your own pace and blog about them. I decided to do it since I've been having trouble with the second sock later. I've got one Java Rib completed but haven't cast on for number 2 yet. Which is stressing out my daughter as they are to be for her.

I ordered, and received Sea Wool Sock Yarn from Fleece Artist, and couldn't resist so I casted on the River Rapids sock pattern from "SockBug". I love the pattern and the yarn. Its great fun to knit with. Goes fairly quickly as it is a bit thicker than I usually work with and the yarn feels great in the hands. Will feel good on the feet as well. Now the question is will I keep these or give to my mother. She really needs a new pair.

I really wanted to show you a picture of all the roving I spun on my hand spindle, however when I went to ply it I got it all jumbled up and decided that life was too short to worry about yarn that wasn't all that great anyway and tossed the whole cop! The first cop I plied turned out quick nice and i was able to knit up a little ruffled wrist cuff thingy...I still have enough roving to do one to match if I get to it and spin it up. The stuff I just threw out was quite nice. I've getting better and better at the drip spindle. I am hoping it will help me when I get my new wheel.
I also joined a "Monkey" kAL as well. It starts tomorrow so i hope I'll be able to keep up with them as well. I still haven't decided yarn to use. I see that Cookie has done hers with a varigated, but I would hate to lose any of the pattern. I wonder how Lisa Souza's "Gendarme Colorway" would knit up in that pattern? Great blocks of color to stripey? I don't think I would want stripes with such a busy pattern. Hmmm...maybe I'll finish this River Rapid and try swatching for the Monkey Socks.
Work day tomorrow. I'm in the midst of trying to organize a First Aid team for the Mine Rescue competitions. I've known I had to do it all year, however have procrastinated enough that now it is upon me! So I'll be busy for the next little while, but may be able to get in some knitting during the practices.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm Getting a Wheel! (well something like that)

Oh yes, he did, my husband said if I knit the yarn in my stash he'll buy me a wheel! Can you beleive it? A Goal! Just what I need. Sure I could save enough money in a year (especially if I knit from my stash) to buy my own wheel. But this is much more fun! Not only will I knit my stash...and a mighty stash it is at that...but I may have $ in the bank at the end of it. However in the meantime, inbetween socks and finely knit scarves, I best be checking out different wheels and see what I like.

Hmmm. I am going to be in Vancouver this weekend. (Pierce's 19th birthday!) I should probably start looking and testing there. Anyway thats all I'm going to say today, as I just had to have it in writing, just in case, and my hubby isn't usually like this, he "forgets" he said it in the year (or two) it will take me to knit the stash.

So the yarn I bought yesterday will be the LAST ONE! Hmmmm. Hurts a bit to say that out loud. I really like the bunny foo foo on STR. But that will be the last one! Might as well disconnect the internet as I don't know if I'll be able to stay away from Etsy.

Finished my Storm Water Scarf out of Handmaiden Sea Silk. Its gorgeous yarn, however I was a bit mislead from the picture of the pattern and the scarf itself. The picture shows a "SHAWL" and what I made was definately a SCARF. (9 inches wide...severely blocked) I don't know who will get it yet as the color isn't for me. However I'll post a pic as soon as I take one.