Friday, August 25, 2006


I know its been forever but my computer was sick and I had to wait a long time to get it fixed. Lots has happened. I've discovered that my new Grandbaby is a boy! So I guess I'm knitting boy colors from now on. I've finished the Mystery Shawl KAL #4, I've been to the fiber festival in Gibson's Landing and I've learned to use a spindle and am spinning my own yarn. Can a spinning wheel be far behind? A son has graduated, a pet has died, summer has flown by and I've got more stuff on the needles than I can count! (Not really...I'm trying to finish everything up.) However there is no use dwelling on the past. I can only hope I'll post more regularly now that the computer is up and running...if only I had high speed. is the baby that I know all of you are dying to see. I'm sure he has changed lots already as he was only a 26 week old fetus in this picture.

and of course the new sweaters that go along with him....

I'm working on one (although I bought several patterns) now called "Ruby" by Bee's Knees. ( Her patterns are well written, up-to-date and unisex, not to mention fun to knit. I should get the second sleeve completed today and start on the hood.

I've finished the pomatomus sock, and wore it salmon fishing when in Campbell they are fish scales you know. I did have a fish on...but didn't get him in the are they still considered lucky? I don't know. No pic of this right now as they are in the wash and I didn't want to show you socks that were all out of shape.

I also finished a pair done in Lisa Souza merino in the colorway Wild Things. I loved working with this yarn and love the color. These look a bit wacky too, but I did wash and dry them in the dryer (I know thats a faux pas) but they fit nicely and are comfortable. In fact I have two skeins of this colorway put aside for the "Seraphim Shawl" and several more skeins (in different colors) for socks or baby sweater or whatever.

I've unravelled the Lorna Laces "bittersweet" socks that were for my neice as I never did get her foot size and couldn't waste that beautiful yarn. But I have my opal dream catcher "walking socks" on needles. So called because I walk everyday and need a small portable project to walk with and this is it. These will eventually go to one of my co-workers.

And of course the mystery Shawl KAL 4. This was done with Kidlin Pixie. I hated working with this yarn, but once blocked it is beautiful to touch and wear. I was hoping this shawl would be going to my new grand baby, however since we've discovered its a boy, it will probably stay with me. Its been cool in the AM and I've been wearing it every morning while knitting, before the sun comes up. I don't want to close the windows as it won't be long before snow falls and I'll have to keep them closed. Sorry this is a bad pic. It looks nice when all stretched out, however it is early moring and its cold outside and I had to take it off to take this picture.

I do belong to the "shawl club" and have received my yarn and pattern for July. I've wound the skein into a giant ball, however haven't cast on yet, although I'm dying to...always like to have a shawl on the needles (The ongoing shawl from Knitpicks doesn't count as its not in laceweight) but have decided to wait until I make room in my knitting basket.

I did cast on for Chicknits lace cardigan in Fleece Artist's baby kid, but then unravelled as I knew I was fooling myself with only 900 M. To bad as it was beautiful to knit with. Maybe it will become a blanket for Grandbaby "Bronson Hayes"...but it is gorgeous stuff so if I can get something for me out of it I'll probably do that. In the meantime it sits in my bedroom with the other skeins I'm going to use soon.

Been thinking alot about the many balls of "tomato red" I have from knitpicks. This will become a nice Aran for my mother. I really wanted her to have it for fall, but I've so busy and focused on baby sweaters it may be next fall. To bad though she is making a pilgramage to Nova Scotia and I could just see her wearing it on the craggy coast. Oh well. Deadlines!


kristi said...

What is the shawl club? That sounds very intriguing ...

Your shawl is beautiful!

Rebecca said...

Well, by golly, what a cute kid!!! Cutest I've ever seen and he isn't even born yet!!!