Sunday, October 08, 2006

Short Update

Well I love my IPOD and I love the knitting podcasts that are out there and available. I started with Brenda Dayne at and now I can't stop. I have down loaded all of the past episodes and don't have enough room left of my podcast until I listen to some and delete them from the IPOD. But that wasn't enough I greedily seached Itunes and downloaded all the knitting podcasts out there and all their past episodes as well. I listen everywhere now. In the house while doing housework, in the car while driving to work (is it even legal?), walking from the parking lot into the building, (I usually take one earpiece out of my ear if an employee stops and asks me something...just because I was raised "right"!) etc. etc. The dogs have never been happier, I just want to walk and walk and listen. A friend even asked me if I wanted to start walking with her on Monday and I had to explain that I got a new IPOD and wasn't capable of conversation right now! It was a perfect gift for me. I love it. Thanks John!

Lets see. What is on the needles. I'm in a strange phase right now. I have no desire to finish anything. I just want to start stuff. I'm amazed at how easily I get bored. I've been doing small baby things, knit all in one piece etc, but still have to convince myself to complete each one.

This is a little blue set. Done out of beautiful yarn. Naturally "Sensation" wool and angora. I was hoping new baby would come home from the hospital in this. Well at least wear the hat.Its wonderfully soft and baby like. I don't know what the deal is with my pictures this week. They have imported strangely and I've had to "size" them myself so everything may look a bit stretched. (It isn't my knitting .... honest!;))

I know that it must seem odd that I am blogging again...already, but I think I'm on to something; Last weekI brought my IPOD into work and used the high speed internet and my lap top to download podcasts and I was amazed at how quickly everything went. I spent hours at home last weekend down loading Podcasts (only a couple, but it took hours) and when I came to work on Monday had everything I wanted downloaded in minutes. So this AM I thought well hey....its an overtime day at work, what better way to use my time then to update my blog. So I quickly took some pictures at 5:30 this AM and this is what you are getting now.

So lets see. Here is a pic of the Hat and booties I made while at the car show a few weeks ago. And another hat just for in the nursery. I know its navy and probably to dark for a newborn, but it is what I had at hand and wanted something quick. (Remember I can't finish anything lately and need small, simple projects. When in Chase for the Carshow I was able to go to go into Kamloops to a yarn store and pick up some new yarn for Mom's cabled sweater I also bought some Regia Silk and have decided to make a hot water bottle cover from it. Do I need a silk hot water bottle cover would be the question, especially when I sleep with a heat generator, AKA John, but i just didn't "feel" like making socks with it. So here it is. Started.

I was also able to complete the hood for "Ruby" sweater from Bee's Knees. I didn't show this last week as I had truly thought that i would wait until it was actually finished. But I don't know if that will ever happen so I thought I'd show you the progress.

I did knit another dishcloth. This was the first of the month "mystery cloth". Its a cat. The picture isn't overly clear and probably would have been better if done in a solid color. But you'll be seeing lots of dishcloths in this yarn as I have a huge ball of it and am in dishcloth mode.

I also got another ball of C-eye-ber fiber in the mail. I think this is part of a "Sock Club" I belong to and this is their havest colorway. I think I get two more balls in this club and then that will be it. I don't think I'll join again. Not for any other reason other then I have yards and yards of their sock yarn and haven't knit one darn thing from it. Its for no other reason then I'm not sure if i like colorways. I have one that is pale greens, one that is pale blues, and one that has pale purples. Each skein is approx. 400 yds so I know I'd have enough to make something for baby but I just don't feel it yet. You know as I was typing this I was think I could make the "Big Bad Baby Blanket" out of it. Maybe I'll try that. I don't have a baby blanket for new little one yet. I've been putting it off as I don't want to work with acrylic's but haven't found a suitable superwash wool yet. Plus I've been trying to use my stash and not spend so much$$$.

I guess that is it for now. I'm back to my desk and to reality.

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Pixiepurls said...

I'm glad your enjoying your iPod, I just got mine back from apple after some repairs. I've been missing it for sure!