Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quick Update (Or Maybe long update)

Me again:

I decided I'd give this another try. I was able to get the buttons loaded thanks to Reasoning E'Bert. I have been having fun on www.ravelry.com and have added more photos to flickr so should be able to get some more up here.

I've been working away on plain vanilla socks. These are out of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. Pretty color way ... kind of fun. I'm a little discouraged with my sock yarn stash right now as when I was buying it I was having fun knitting with the hand paints, but now I would rather do some patterns (lacy, cabled or whatever) but they don't show well on the detailed hand paint so I am stuck (not sure if that is the right word) with doing plain vanilla. As I DON"T want to buy more sock yarn. Hubby told me if I knit my stash he will spring for a wheel. True I fall off the wagon every once in a while but not too bad. (Of course just today I bought Merangue from Lime and Violets update (www.limenviolet.com) Its pink. I don't need any other reason.

I also order 4 new braids of roving from Spunky Eclectic which I will gladly spin on my spindle. I have been doing fine lace weight, but think I'll do some of this up into worsted so I can do some mittens for Christmas. I've been looking on etsy but not a lot of hand painted worsted out there. Speaking of handspun I've finished spinning the Mandy colorway by Spunky as well. As usual John insists that I knit something so here are the wrist cuffs based roughly of a pattern from Spin to Knit by Shannon Okey. The brown is some Alpaca I've been spinning up. I find it quite slippery and slightly difficult to spin compared to the sheep wool.

I am waiting patiently for my Kauni yarn to come from the Netherlands. Its too bad I ordered it before I read the yarn harlot and saw that there was going to be a knit along and someone in Canada is actually going to be stocking it! (As opposed to stalking it..which I am doing) Who knows how long I'll have to wait. I'm very eager to start. My luck the kAL will be over before I even get the yarn. It has been shipped though so it is somewhere.

In the meantime I should work away on this Hillwick Lumbar. Its beautiful and it just needs the rest of one sleeve and all of the other. If I work at it I'd get it done.

Still busy with my English Course. Have to post comments on 4 other paragraphs by June 28, 2007. I thought by forcing deadlines I might actually finish on time. (Still think that I will, however I still hate the deadlines)

I also have this lovely Frleece Artist (www.fleeceartist.com) Mo to knit into something. Probably an airy cardigan on circs.

I couldn't post a blog entry without a couple of obligatory Bronson Photos. Here he is in the Red Cables and WW.

I wasn't sure if I had posted a pic of the River Rapids socks when I finished them either. So just in case I've added them as well. Along with the Killer Tomato socks...so named after Spunky Eclectic's colorway "Killer Tomato" Also the Gentlemans Fancy Socks. They are fantastic and were fun to knit.

I've been plugging away on Eunny Jang's "Anemoi Mittens" but have realized that they will have to come out. Way to small. And since they are for my Daughter I can't just keep knitting them an find someone to fit them. Shucks! Who knows when they will see the frog pond. Hopefully before this color combination goes out of style.Since I've been "fairly" good and haven't bought "too much" (what is that?) yarn I have been frequenting etsy just the same and stocking up on project bags and small pouches. Aren't they the best. I really like the ones from WWW. whitewillow.etsy.com and stalk her shop everyday waiting for "just the right one". And this has lead to me feeling I must fill each bag with a difference sock. So for a while there I had three socks complete and not a match to be seen. I've put the kibosh to that though and have since finished them. THe hourglass; the plain vanilla (Yarn from Knittery); and Lauren's First. My daughter actually started these and I just finished them. She was moving away and wasn't sure if she was going to do them without me around. So I finished them up and sent them off on the weekend. She hasn't mentioned them yet, but I am sure she'll get them soon.

I've also finished up this scarf that was hanging around on the needles for a while. Its done in Lisa Sousa Berry Poppins colorway. Beautiful isn't it. All done with short rows. I don't know who will get this. Does anyone else just complete projects with no idea who they will be for? I do it because I like the yarn or the pattern and want to try it out. But then I don't know what to do with it. Maybe the

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