Friday, December 28, 2007

Homespun and Hot Waffles

Well I got my fiber order in from Dragon Fibers I got 4 oz of Merino/Bamboo roving in Solar Flames and Merino/Tussah Silk (4oz) in Purple Storm. I spun up the Merino Bamboo before I took a pic of the roving, but beleive me it was beautiful. My pictures sure don't do it justice. I decided to knit up a pair of mitts with the homespun as I didn't want to waste it, but it really isn't the best yarn. But its a start I guess. It may have been the bamboo but it plied up into a quite sturdy yarn. Probably will be hard wearing as well. I don't know if I can throw them in the machine to clean them or not. I double bamboo will shrink but maybe the merino will. the pattern is a modification of the pattern from Knit Spot and its called Hot Waffle Mitts. The pattern is actually for fingerless mitts, but I opted for addding a couple of repeats and making mittens.
I made a pair of these for Jackie earlier in the week and loved the pattern. It may become a staple mitten pattern, although the patterned colorways doesn't do the pattern justice and I have some Cascade 220 on the way in solid colors and I am sure they will be beautiful.

I also added to the yarn stash.

sKNITches in Barn colorway...this is really pretty. I thought it would be really red, but it is quite pink. But I like it...alot.

2 Skeins of Osmosis by Red Corset Designs...I got mine on line from Pick Up Sticks. One in tangelo and one in Wheatgrass. (The wheatgrass is actually brighter then this photo. The tangelo is pretty close to the real color

1 Skein of Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in Black Walnut. Again bad photo. The color is gorgeous. Black, browns and rusts. Unfortunally when I bought this from the Loopy Ewe I didn't realize that they were sold in 175 yd skeins and I only got one. I see a hat or mitts or socks for Bronson. (Only the best for the boy!)

1 Skein of Handmaiden's Casbah sock yarn in Pumpkin. This was actually a gift exchange gift and it is decadent. I don't think I can make socks from it. Maybe something from Victorian Lace Today.


Holly said...

You really shouldn't have done that, post all of those wonderful yarns. It is not like I need anymore yarn, especially sock yarn. But you are tempting me...

Anonymous said...

Love the handspun mitts!