Saturday, December 22, 2007

Finished Object

I just finished these. I put them on Ravelry so thought while I had the pictue out I might as well add them to my blog as well. They are the Hot Waffle Mitts by Anne Hanson. True they would have been better in a solid coloured yarn so you could actually se the pattern but I had the Schaeffer Lola in the correct weight so this is what it is. They are lined with Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit Angora - Gorgeous!

I got 2 - count them - two - Elizabeth Zimmerman DVD's for my birthday from my mother - God love her! I've wanted them for a while however since I already "knew" how to knit I couldn't justify buying them, but they were on my wish list and Mom grabbed them. How have I gone so long without them. I love the glossary and although I have been knitting for 30 plus years I have already learned some new techniques and garnered some new ideas.

I haven't been spinning much strictly due to Christmas knitting and work. But planning on taking some time off. I was going to be off from Christmas Eve until Jan 7, 2007 but have to go in to the office on the 27th, but then I'll be off! And I'm going to spin! Although I haven't been spinning it hasn't stopped me from buying lots of yummy fibers which I hope will arrive prior to my days off and John going back to work!
In the interim I will continue to work on Gwen and hopefully get that finished up for mom.


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Anonymous said...

i really like the color of the mittens! oretty!