Sunday, August 12, 2007


Its been forever. But life goes on and on and on (argh). I've been keeping up with my Mystery stole though, thank goodness. Its beginning to take shape. Only one clue left.
I've also done some work on Leda's Dream.

I'm plugging away at my stash of sock yarn, so I can get my wheel soon. I've finished the Loksins (easy pattern and knits up quickly)

I've frogged my Kauni. I think it will become 2 sweaters for my granddaughters instead of one for me since my 19 y/o son told me it was a "fashion disaster".

I've been enjoying ravelry and all its glory and listening to podcasts! I don't know what I'd do without the knitting podcasts. I love 'em.
Speaking about loving something.. since I'm on the "yarn diet". I love the project bags you can buy from etsy. I have all kinds..I can't stop buying. However I must recommend Piddlee. These bags are fantastic. I love the box shape, keeps everything neat and orderly. Have elastic inside to hold your needles and comes with a matching notions bag. Heavy interfacing keeps the bags sturdy. You can also get a grommet inserted so you can feed your yarn thru the grommet and don't have to have the bag open to knit. I haven't used it yet though as I was already started my Mystery Shawl when the bag came. I have ordered two (2!) more though and will definately use the grommet next time. If you are in the market check out Piddlee. Plus the sisters are fun to deal with and include little "extras" with each order! Nice stitch markers (from other Etsy sellers), gift tags, note cards, pins....It's a fantastic package to receive! Go there now! (Piddlee)
Also got the pattern for these cute Mary janes! They may not look like much on my feet, but let me tell you once you put these on you won't want to take them off. Wonderful. Plus small enough you can throw them in you purse and have with you when you need to take your shoes off. I recommend them. They knit up really, really quickly and you can easily memorize the pattern.

So what will I work on today? I have had the urge to resurrect mom's red cables. Maybe its because the heat has backed off a bit and it also seems like a fall day (early in the AM anyway. It was only 3 yesterday at 4:00 AM) and I haven't worked on it in a while. I'm just about up to the armhole shaping. It would take no time to finish it....if I just worked on it.

I've been busy spinning as well. Dear Hubby won't let me just spin though, always wants me to create something from the spinning fibers. So I made a mitt and I probably have enough spun up to make the other. Just have to get busy. The last two balls I made I just knit into "swatches". My spinning is coming along. I hope all this spindle spinning will help me when I get the wheel! Considering I've never had a wheel or sat behind one!

I've been having Way to much fun over on Ravelry and my blog has suffered a bit for it. But oh well. I am still on dial up (I don't know if we'll ever see high speed) and if I'm posting pics its for ravelry and once they are up I don't have time (or patience) to post to the blog as well. And when you work full time, look after husband, kids and pet, (plus squeeze in some excercise for me) I have to have time to knit or I'd go bonkers. Therefore the blog usually loses out somewhat!

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