Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Pathways

Well can I blame ravelry and the dial up internet connection for my lateness in posting? I have just joined the "New Pathways" group over on Ravelry and the blog so I can knit along. Who wouldn't want to knit these socks. I have soooo much sock yarn and this book motivates me. Of course I am trying to hold off until I get other stuff finished. I did quickly cast on the sky practice socks (above) and I will do the other pair of "practice" socks as well. However I really want to clear some things off my needles. I also ordered 2 sets of 2mm circulars from KnitPicks and am kind of waiting for those to arrive as well. In the meantime I haven't ordered any sock yarn but seem to be bitten by the worsted weight bug and want to knit hats for Bronson and mitts for myself.

I was able to score some new yarns, 2 skeins of worsted, one turquoise and one pink lemonaid from Shelridge Farm, and one skein of Handmaiden sea silk lace in dragonfly (How could I resist?) from the Sweet Sheep. And while I was buying I grabbed two skeins of hand painted worsted from See Jane Knit. I also got some adorable stitch markers from her as well. They are darling.

I cast on last night for the tri peak hat from Wooly Worm Head for Bronson with the dark green from See Jane Knit. I know it isn't cold enough yet for a worsted weight merino hat, but it will be. The other skein of worsted from Jane will be the I cord Beanie. (Again Wooly worm Head)

Since I've finished my Mystery Shawl, I've been working on Forest Canopy Shawl in the Sangria Mini Maiden, again gorgeous stuff as well as the Montego Bay scarf (Interweave knits) in Rose Handmaiden Sea Silk. And here are the twisted flower from Cookie A. Its in Regia Silk. Nice to work with. But I don't love the color. I also have some plain vanilla socks on the needles as well. But don't have a photo of them. Maybe if I ever get them done I'll post them. However they seem to be taking me forever!


jen said...

no bears?

msubulldog said...

Hi! I'm so excited that you want to join the New Pathways knitalong! Would you please send me your email address so I can send you a Blogger invite? Thanks!
amanda AT the-woodruffs DOT net

Judith said...

Actually Jen I did see a bear just the other day when I was out for a run...but I sent the son ahead to chase him away. Pierce can run faster than I.