Thursday, September 06, 2007

She-knits Podcast

I love podcasts. I always listen. It was nice when I first got my ipod and could download all the back episodes and listen to my hearts content. Now I've caught up with all of them and sometimes have to wait to listen to some. I am hoping with winter coming some will become more regular.

Also I am NOT a contest enter-er. I just don't. That being said I did have to enter the contest for She-Knits podcast. (Sharon also has a blog at She Knits and show notes where you can read all about the contest. I love this podcast. I love everything about the host. She has a very genuine,sincere style that really warms you up. There are no secrets on She-Knits you really understand what Sharon is going thru in her daily life and that makes it so real and easy to listen to. (That and she has some hangups just like me!) For the contest you just have to link the bag you love and that you HOPE she writes the pattern for. Me... I love the bowling bag. (NOTE: Since posting this I went back to Sharon's site and see that she has created a new site that Includes this pattern. However I don't like the one with the cables as much as some of the other bowling bag styles...Like the one with the flowers.)

I think I found Sharon's etsy site first. She makes beautiful bags. Lots of work! and they are fantastic. I especially love the bowling bag. And just in case you are a knitter and choose to make your own bag you can BUY sharon's patterns. She has also gone ahead and made up kits, in case, like me again, you can't get to a yarn store and you MUST-HAVE-THAT-BAG. Have a boo and add Sharon to your favorites. Plus listen to her podcast. Its so enjoyable.

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jen said...

Thanks Judith! I was asking for podcasts in my post to load up for the trip to vegas! much appreciated i will download some now!

any bears as of recent?