Friday, September 07, 2007

A Bear for Jen

I just had to add this photo for Jen from Piddlee. I don't usually take my camera when I go out for a walk, but my Dad was up this weekend and so we both took our cameras. Luckily we came across this bear while on the walk. He was happily eating from an ant hill and I think we may have disturbed him a bit. Dad got the best shots, then I decided i should take one as well. By the time I decided he was starting to walk away. I'm sure dad got the best shots. I'll email and ask him to send one to me so i can post it as well.

The bears are starting to come into town, and yesterday a girl from work told me one was in her back yard. The salmon are late coming up this year yet the bears are on time and getting into mischief while they wait!

I'll also post this pic of my Tea Cozy. I got the pattern from One Skein Wonders and used left over Peace Fleece. Its a little big for my pot however I think a trip thru the washer might do the trick. I am addicted to one skein projects right now thanks to Stash and Burn.


jen said...

BEARS!!!!! oh my!

man what a great post for a friday! thanks judith! that would scare the crap out of me...but i sure hope you have good (and fast) running shoes on when you take your walks!

rohanknitter said...

Holy cow a bear! That would freak me out.
Love the tea cozy!