Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weight Watchers

Well I've done it. Joined Weight Watchers. I'm sick of the "baby fat" I gained when I had my last child. Now that I have grandchildren I figure its time to lose it! Ha! I just started yesterday but am using this blog to track the loss and hopefully it will hold me accountable. Now if I can just figure out how to add another tracker thing like I have for Bronson.

As far as knitting goes I finished a little hat for Bronson to go with the Little Viking sweater I knit him. I didn't bother doing a chart just some garter stripes of colors. I think I'll move on to socks now.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekend Work

I didn't have a chance to post this weekend mainly because John was home and that means I must entertain him. We ended up going to town on Friday so I was only able to knit Friday evening and a bit while we were driving to town and back. Saturday the paddlefest was going on here in Likely so I knit a bit in the AM and then a bit in the evening, but did go down to the pub for the Paddlefest party and didn't get home until Midnight! Today though, John read some old Westerns, it was raining and I knit like a fiend. I was able to start and complete this little sweater for Bronson.

Pattern: Little Viking - from Top Down for Toddlers book. Pattern by Megan Lacey

Yarn: Elann Luxury Merino Superwash (4 balls navy, partial skeins of camel, cream and red)

Needles: Size 3.5 circulars for the sweater and 3 1/4 's for doing the sleeves in the round.
Size 2
Made for my grandson Bronson
The sweater is a simple knit all done in one piece, neck down, knit sleeves when you get to them then continue down. The only downside is doing the pattern back and forth. I'm not a fan of purling with 2 colors. But it was only for a short time so was able to manage it without pulling my hair out.
Just joined the KAL for the She-Knits bowling bag. Its an adorable pattern and will be fun to knit along with everyone else. I had to get busy and get the yarn ordered. Cal from www.shuttleworks.com . Hopefully he'll have the colors I want in stock and I won't have to wait to long. Its great doing business with shuttleworks, their customer service is great, plus they are Canadian.
Good news the insurance company is going to pay for the Volkswagen Yes they wrote it off. we were worried since Richard didn't have his drivers license when he took it out for a ride. (what was he thinking?)
Well must run, work tomorrow and I want to work on my Cat Bordhi socks before I have to go to bed.

Friday, September 07, 2007

A Bear for Jen

I just had to add this photo for Jen from Piddlee. I don't usually take my camera when I go out for a walk, but my Dad was up this weekend and so we both took our cameras. Luckily we came across this bear while on the walk. He was happily eating from an ant hill and I think we may have disturbed him a bit. Dad got the best shots, then I decided i should take one as well. By the time I decided he was starting to walk away. I'm sure dad got the best shots. I'll email and ask him to send one to me so i can post it as well.

The bears are starting to come into town, and yesterday a girl from work told me one was in her back yard. The salmon are late coming up this year yet the bears are on time and getting into mischief while they wait!

I'll also post this pic of my Tea Cozy. I got the pattern from One Skein Wonders and used left over Peace Fleece. Its a little big for my pot however I think a trip thru the washer might do the trick. I am addicted to one skein projects right now thanks to Stash and Burn.

Another Contest - I'm Hooked!

Ok, OK, I know what you are all thinking "She's entered another contest?" But I can explain. I listened to Jenny and Nicole's Stash and Burn podcast....comes highly recommended....and they were talking about one skeins. Now they said "don't buy the book"... which means, to me, immediately order one from Amazon. So I ordered both One Skein by Leigh Radford and One Skein Wonders by Judith Durant (and almost preordered the next one skein wonders but stopped short) It only took amazon a couple of days to ship them out and I cast on. I've made mittens, 2 hats, a tea cozy, clutch from the book so far and have no intentions on stopping yet. I've also done a forest canopy shawl, a pair of socks and . Plus I have the cabled head band and cabled footies embedded in my brain and it won't be long before they too are cast on. Its amazing how much more you can finish if you are doing the project in worsted weight. So anyway for the contest you just have to enter your one skein (not necessarily from the book) projects to their flickr site and let them know they are there. Enjoy. Now I must go knit.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

She-knits Podcast

I love podcasts. I always listen. It was nice when I first got my ipod and could download all the back episodes and listen to my hearts content. Now I've caught up with all of them and sometimes have to wait to listen to some. I am hoping with winter coming some will become more regular.

Also I am NOT a contest enter-er. I just don't. That being said I did have to enter the contest for She-Knits podcast. (Sharon also has a blog at She Knits and show notes where you can read all about the contest. I love this podcast. I love everything about the host. She has a very genuine,sincere style that really warms you up. There are no secrets on She-Knits you really understand what Sharon is going thru in her daily life and that makes it so real and easy to listen to. (That and she has some hangups just like me!) For the contest you just have to link the bag you love and that you HOPE she writes the pattern for. Me... I love the bowling bag. (NOTE: Since posting this I went back to Sharon's site and see that she has created a new site that Includes this pattern. However I don't like the one with the cables as much as some of the other bowling bag styles...Like the one with the flowers.)

I think I found Sharon's etsy site first. She makes beautiful bags. Lots of work! and they are fantastic. I especially love the bowling bag. And just in case you are a knitter and choose to make your own bag you can BUY sharon's patterns. She has also gone ahead and made up kits, in case, like me again, you can't get to a yarn store and you MUST-HAVE-THAT-BAG. Have a boo and add Sharon to your favorites. Plus listen to her podcast. Its so enjoyable.