Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mystery Shawl Weekend Two

I have finished the second Clue (3rd Chart) of the Mystery Shawl Along3. You can see it somewhat in this picture, however, I shouldn't be so lazy and actually put it on waste yarn so you can see the entire square, but hey, who has the time and patience for that. Thats cutting into knitting time. It was fun to do...but now I have to wait for next Friday for the next clue.

I spent most of the AM trying to find a small project to do. You know I don't want to finish anything...I want to start something. I would like to do a Dale of Norway cardigan for Gabby and Zoe, but unsure if they are knit in the round or flat. (I won't do that much color work flat anymore!) Therefore have emailed Bea Ellis Knitwear and hope for an answer soon. I joined Townsend Sock Knitting group and thought I may try a pair of the Spring Twists. They look fun....or perhaps a pair of Jaywalkers....I had a pair on the needles earlier, but my gauge was off...but then I fortunately spoke to my on.

While walking the dogs yesterday I completed one Yoga Sock from Mac & Me ....knit with Delicious Lorna's Laces Sheperd Worsted in Blackberry...however decided last night that I would never wear them, and it was a shame to use the gorgeous yarn on something that I will never use. Therefore this AM while chatting with my mother, I unravelled them. In passing I mentioned this to my mother, who promptly informed me that she indeed does yoga and it was just what she needed. She had even gone so far as to cut the feet out of an old pair of tights and had no idea that "they made such things". Well you don't have to tell me twice. The 3 1/2's are coming out and I'll be casting on again. Well at least I am getting good yardage out of the Lorna's Laces!

It seems Jackson is feeling neglected today as he is constantly nudging me as I type this. I guess he could use a little attention. The cats are both bored waiting for spring. A felted cat nip mouse might be in order on this cold snowy day. Sweetie just sitting beside me, Sam and Midge snoozing happily.

Well must run. Now that I have a mission and only limited time. Luckily cookies for school lunches are made and cooling, and dinner is in the crockpot.

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