Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mystery Shawl Along

I have been inspired by the Mystery Shawl Along3 to start my own blog. Mostly because it will be fun to keep a record of my process. Plus I figured that since I like to read other's blogs, perhaps someone would like to read mine.

I have been on a knitting frenzy lately. Started many projects and finished few. Therefore have put a hold on my stash enhancement until I finish something. I'll get the camera out and show you whats in store.

In the mean time, I'm up at 4:00AM on a day off so I can have some quiet time to knit the Mystery Shawl Along3 before everyone else gets up. Thats a pic of it above. I'm only on row 23. Of course I am a little nervous that I'll fall behind as I do work 10 hours a day and walk the dogs 5 km every all extra minutes will be working on the Shawl. I have chosen Jaegerspun Zephyr...just because I love working with it. Feels wonderful in the hands and glides nicely on the needles. I've done a few other shawls...mostly Fiddlesticks ( and have become shawl addicted.

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No knitting in St. THomas said...

Hi Sister,

What is the Mystery Shawl Along3 a contest?

Love, Pat