Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mystery Shawl Continues

Ok day two of the Shawl Along and thru various trials and tribulations and some tinking I have finished clue 1 of the Mystery Shawl Along. I think its working out. Of course one never really knows until the end. All I know is I have been knitting and knitting trying to get the clue completed before starting work again tomorrow. I don't know when the next clue will be posted but I don't usually have much time during the week to knit and I hate to fall behind. This shawl will be going to my favorite Aunt Lo in NS. I have made a couple for my mother and Lois figured it was her turn. Hopefully it will be beautiful as she deserves only the best. If not, I have a couple of other patterns and yarn I could try out.

Luckily I finished the clue and have been able to complete another "UFO". A pair of "Elegant Gauntlets" from The Purl Stitch by Nancy Melville (though I think the elegant part depends on what yarn you use). I used Opal "Tiger" cause I love it. I really needed these for when I am knitting while I walk. The weather has been cold lately and my hands freeze otherwise. I can hardly stand just walking too much valuable knitting time wasted. Usually I knit fairly simple projects. Well to be truthful the majority of these gauntlets were knitted on the move. Now since there is daylight remaining, dinner is in the crockpot, dogs are asleep, boy is visiting friends, husband is out I think I'll do a few rounds on my Shetland Tea Shawl.

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ObsessiveCompulsive Crafter said...

Your shawl is gorgeous. I am loving that color. I have 10 more rows to go. I will post mine on Sat. I think this shawl will be beautiful.