Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome 2009

Ahhhh... the morning dawns with a beautiful soft snow falling. Can't beat living in the woods in Likely in January. I'm in good spirits not only because of the gorgeous day but also because Betty and I convinced ourselves we don't have to go in to work on Saturday after all (we'll stay late Monday and Tuesday) so we will have 4 days off in a row. Plus John is off work this week as well so it will be glorious!

My darling daughter bought me a new travel mug for my birthday...she took my favorite saying and had it engraved and put on to the mug. I doubt it is politically correct but it makes me laugh.

I'm glad to see that they finally realized that I have a serious problem and should start to feed my habit and enable me. I think they may be off to a good start.
My oldest son (Pierce) and my (daughter) Rebecca bought me a nice new lace weight spindle. I do have a wheel and a heavier spindle, but wanted a laceweight one as well. Its fun to take along when ever I go somewhere that I can't take a wheel. I think she made a beautiful choice...I think its bloodwood?

The gorgous burgandy roving is from Fleece Artist (MY FAVORITE) and the colorway is BEET and that is exactly the color. Just imagine. As you know my photography skills aren't the best!

Note the "Christmas Green" Glittery fingernails! Not reallly my style but fun for Christmas.

I printed out a couple of new patterns yesterday... I'm trying to figure out what I should make next. I've got malabrigo for Marta, I also bought some elann Highland wool to make Snowwhite and Tang, but I don't like the hand of the fabric when I get gauge with it. So I'm thinking of something from ChicKnits like Ribby Pully or Cassidy. I'll swatch today. I still have tons and tons of different reds to do mom a cabled pullover, and although I've started so many different patterns I just can't find one that I like!

As I mentioned earlier this is an attempt of trying to blog my often. So they will be short and sweet posts. (Unless something unusual happens!)

Happy new year to all.

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Anonymous said...

ahahaha i think your slogan is pretty darn funny!