Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year Resolutions?

Well how 'bout that...its been almost a year and let me tell you its been quite a year. I wrecked another car, the squatter got his drivers license, Rebecca's almost ready to graduate as a LPN, Pierce maintains a 4.0 gpa, Bronson turns two and is talking, we've added a new kitten to the bunch... and I got fake nails and i love them and my dads having a romance via the internet!

I won't go bit by bit thru the last year but I am going to try to maintain this blog a little better than I have been. Considering I haven't maintained it at all last year..but there are some people who actually read this and have been asking about it so here goes.
As usual I continue to spin and knit. I am seriously going to try and curb my yarn buying this year. i was on a free for all last year and though I continue to put stuff in my shopping cart I always come to my senses just before check out. Well with the exception of the 4 skeins of malabrigo sock...but come on it was malabrigo sock. I made some mitts (gallus mitts) out of the african violet color way. I made some knotty gloves for my mom out of boccelli red, (I made sme for me out of Fleece Artist Casbah (or is that Handmaiden?)and I still have a green and a chocolate brown...but I don't know what I'll do with them yet. I can't see them being socks as I don't know h0w well the malibrigo will hold up.

I didn't do much Christmas knitting...just some rattlesnake creek socks for my mom

I knit Rudy the Reindeer (still needs eyes). Be careful they are addicting and I have a bag of reindeer parts as I speak. I also did these three Santa ornaments. Adorable aren't they? and of course I started the sock blankie as did so many others.

well that is all I will bore you with for this post. I'm Judith on ravelry if you want to see more projects they are listed over there. I will try to post monthly. Wish me luck.

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