Saturday, January 12, 2008

Moose Trouble

Soooo Monday wasn't the best day I've ever had. I hit a moose when I was on my way home from work. Not too much damage but had to get the windshield replaced etc. Thank goodness my "work" car is a beater. The windshield guys also suctioned cupped out the dent she left in the hood as best they could and buffed off the scuff I'm good to go. For all you who are wondering the moose is fine, I was going fairly slow when I hit her (actually brakes were on and by the time she slid off the hood and onto the ground I was stopped....of course nothing like a huge moose stopping you) She got up and continued on down the road in front of me and I could see she wasn't damaged externally at all! Whats this got to do with Knitting? Well I had to take the car into town on Friday and therefore couldn't knit. I did take the Charade Socks and knit them while I was waiting but all that time I spent driving and I could have been knitting.

I'm sick of the charade socks anyway. They are the ones I always have "on hand" when I am out and about and to be honest its time they were finished. I guess it seems this way as I was knitting them on 2 mm and eventually had to be honest with myself, realize they were going to be too tight and frog them, so I am just now back to where I was before I frogged. It doesn't help that I got a bunch of new yarns from Red Bird Knits yesterday.

I won't put up the six skeins of Cascade 220 (my first, btw) but I will show you the Fleece Artist Somoko in popsicle, the two (2!) Skeins of Schaeffer Anne,

1 skein of Collinette Jitterbug in the colorway Lobster Pinch...being from the east coast I just couldn't pass up that colorway! (LOVE IT), and I got Robyn (from Red Bird Knits) to kit up the Lativian Sock Kit from February (07) Sock of the Month Club. Just had to have it. And I've been holding off since Feb 07. So here it is.

So you can see why the English paper has been put on hold...(what was I thinking signing up for that class???) While I frantically knit on my Pretty as a Peacock Shawl (Row 119 of 218 WOOT!) As you can see the lace is at it's "Cat Yak" stage. I'm hoping it will open up nicely once its blocked. (Gauge swatch? .... Huh? Who me?) and the Charade socks and try to get somewhere so I can can on something new. Of course you realize that I "normally" would cast on something new any time I want but as I have been listening to the knitting podcast and reading blogs the theme this year seems to be "finish". (Knit from your stash was so last year!)

Although Sharon from She-knits suggests ripping out is very freeing and counts as finishing I don't dislike my projects enough to rip them out...yet. And it seems to be a waste considering how far along I am now.

I am planning on finishing the hillswick Lumbar AND mom's red cables this year as well!

One other note: I wanted to show a pic of the new Knitting bag I got for Christmas! Its a Haiku bag and my mom ordered it from Scouts Swag. I love it. When I went to town yesterday I put my Charade socks (in their own project bag from Piddlee) and I packed in my Peacock Shawl along with Chart, reading glasses, notions bag...(also from piddlee) , pens (2) memo book, 2 toddler books I had to mail to Bronson, 1 movie I had to take back, my wallet and still had room to spare. Very, Very nice and handy. More roomy then one would suspect. Although it may take me a couple of days to find everything I put in all the pockets!

Oh and I did a bit of spinning. Tried to spin fine enough so I could do 3-ply and still have a light fingering weight. I did get this. But still need some practice as when I was plying it the singles broke quite often. (very frustrating btw) Even though when I was spinning the singles I was sure I was over spinning them. Oh well. Practice, Practice, Practice!


Knit said...

Thanks for leaving a knock-knock joke! Listen to the next episode to see if you won.

~Julianne of the knit sibs

Rhonda said...

Great job on the spinning!

Maybe you could knit up some reflective vests for the moose in your neck of the woods!LOL! We only have deer in Kansas--I understand that moose are quite a bit bigger so I'm sure that was a "pants changing" encounter!!

Life's a Stitch said...

A moose encounter - can't say we've ever had that in the lower mainland. Plenty of bears, though. I imaging living there comes with unique challenges.