Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Year Begins..I'm not so sure its a good start but it has started regardless

Did I mention the bar in Likely has closed for 3 months? Did I mention that my husband had a hobby up until three weeks ago and that was going to the bar.

Now my husband doesn't have a hobby so he is looking for others to entertain him. It has made for some long days and nights and very little knitting has been accomplished.

When I realized I was going to have 4 days off in a row, I thought about all the things I could knit. I even thought that I was going to be able to perhaps cast on AND finish a sweater in those 4 days. I mean it is worsted weight after all...but no. I just, just this AM before our second trip into Williams Lake in so many days, cast on for the lovely Cabledown Pullover from patternfish. Now that John and Richard are attempting to put together a new futon base for Richard's gaming room..I may have a few minutes to do a few rounds. Poor Richard...I just keep telling him to smile and nod. Boy I sure hope there is a Canucks game tonight.

Talking about 2 trips into Williams Lake in two days has anyone else ever heard of Wrestling Day? Apparently it started in the 1930's in Williams Lake and it is the day after new years day (Jan 2nd) and all the stores, etc are closed. Who'd a thunk it in this day and age. I mean we've been in Likely for 8 years (on and off) but I have never heard of Wrestling Day before and didn't think for a minute that we wouldn't be able to shop! On the good side, we managed to go thru Big Lake at 4 PM, which happens to be the exact time their bar opens, so John invited me in for dinner..along with a beer or two for him. That took the edge off the evening anyway.

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