Sunday, March 25, 2007


I had good intentions when I planned to DeStash my sock yarns...which is all the buzz on the blogs right now. However I seem to be taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back thanks to Etsy and all the marvelous hand dyers out there.

I've acquired a few more thousand yards and about 5 more skeins I'm waiting on All from Sunshineyarns, (waterfall, camo and darkness triple dye) and then I'm going to stop....for a while...I hope. I really want to save up for a new spinning wheel. Then I can add some more fiber to my stash! ha. I also just ordered a sock knitting bag, which can also hold my drop spindle from Whitewillow. It was all I could do not to order two..or three...but thought maybe I could make these if I gave it a whirl. But in the interim I bought one!

This is what I've received recently. (1st and last) Blackberry and Muirwoods, Sophies Toes Sock Yarn, (Sophies Toes) (Glorious stuff) Lisa Souza (Lisa Souza) in the Gendarme colorway. Just because I am Canadian! I don't know what it will be .... maybe socks? maybe a little touque for Bronson?, and Avocado from Sunshine yarns. This is another Fearless Fiber additions (Fearlessfibers) (hey, why buy one when you can buy two! )

However I've made these: Basic socks in STR, (Socks that Rock ) and Slip Stitch rib from Sensational Knitted Socks out of Bruised Ego by Spunky Eclectic. (Spunky Eclectic) I've "opted" out of the STR sock club this year. I figure if I am going to spend that much $ I should pick a color I actually like. And Whoo Boy are there colors I like. I love, love, love "little bunny foo foo". Whats with me, brown and pink this year? Of course "Rocktober" rocks me as well as "Watermelon Tourmaline". I'll have to add them to my Christmas list. And I am working on Java Ribs the Throughbred colorway by Fearless Fibers) and I've caved and started Grumperina's JayWalkers (Magknits) in the tundra colorway by Fearless Fibers (again) , I've started quite a few pairs of Jay Walkers but have never found the color I actually liked for the pattern. But this one I may continue.

Here is 1 (one) yes 1 sock I made for Bronson. Only one because I don't have anymore of this color. I just saw the pattern on line and thought I should give it a go. As it turns out it is a wonderful pattern and probably the one I'll be using for a while. Now I have to knit more "boy" colors so I have leftovers. And I'll have to order skeins with more yardage so I have enough left over. Both the skeins from Fearless Fibers are huge. 550 yds! So I should be ok on those.

And just in case I have too much left over I started a log cabin with the leftover (???) sock yarn. Its beautiful, fun and rather addicting! The Peace Fleece sweater for me has been frogged and turned into the Wonderful Wallaby for Bronson. I decided to do this after reading "Big Girl Knits" and thought that the heavy worsted wasn't for me. But it sure is cute as the WW.
Speaking of Bronson, (and you know I love to) he and his mother are off to Disneyland (or World) whichever the one is in California and the house has been deadly quiet. I miss them so much. However I have been able to knit alot, and finish my HR course I've been taking. Now if only I can get the studing in for the exam before they get back.
Its our wedding anniversary today. I've gotten a new jetta and rather unexpectly a new fridge out of the deal. The Jetta was a gift but the fridge just calved and a quick trip to town later I was putting the warmish food back into a new fridge. But most of all I want to thank my husband for his support and love through all the years we've been together. He is my soulmate and I love him.

Since I didn't get a pic of the red cables I made for Bronson I'll add this photo, however you probably can't see the cables much. I don't believe Ms. Lauren took the sweater with her, however I don't dare go upstairs and look for it as I have 3 teenaged boys sleeping up there right now and I don't want to wake them. I'm enjoying the peace and quiet this AM. Meanwhile my mothers "red Cables" languish on the needles. (Along with a few(!) other UFO's)
I've discovered a new knitting podcast. Its called "Stash and Burn". and I love it. Fresh and fun. It has rather inspired me to knit from my stash even more so. Good motivator. Stash and Burn . Have a listen to it. Nicole and Jenny are fresh and fun and that makes an excellent podcast! They are my New favorite.
Thats a quick and dirty on my life this month!

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